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Say what?!
Say what?!

No, not really. Marvel is still very much in control of Tony Stark and his infinite supply of claustrophobia-inducing rocket suits! But let's say DC did buy the Avengers from Marvel. Or let's say that history has been rewritten, and DC always owned Marvel's largest money maker. Would things change? Oh yeah, probably. For one thing, the Avengers and the Justice League would most likely FINALLY BE TOGETHER ON-SCREEN! But not the Avengers we know. See, not only would the Avengers' personality probably change noticeably, but the cast we've come to know and love would be completely different.


It's too unbearable to even think about!
It's too unbearable to even think about!

You could argue that maybe DC would cast the same people, but I highly doubt it. See, DC knows its formula, just like Marvel. Their movies have a noticeably different feel and tone than their rival company. While Marvel's films have a sense of comedy and heartwarming feelings to them, and are usually suitable for children, DC's films are much darker, with drear and dismal tones. Not that there's anything wrong with that, I enjoy both sides of the superhero film feel.

So if DC did own Avengers, and made a film, they'd probably want to cast the right people; people who can work with the tone that DC is going for. But who would they cast? Any good actor could play the part if they worked hard enough. But let's say they choose from the pickings of their DC TV and Film universe, neither of which most likely existing within this fictional universe where DC owns our sou—uh the rights to the Avengers. Hypothetically, if some constant regularity, such as DC choosing the same actors for their live-action project, despite the world being changed because of their ownership of the Avengers (and we're talking people being written out of existence people! This is real! The cake is the truth this time!), who would be...whom? Let's see!

[Note: Even though I'll be looking strictly at actors already cast as heroes in the DC universe, don't expect it to be too predictable. You're not going to see Stephen Amell as Hawkeye simply because he's Arrow.]

[Second Note: I'll be introducing the Avengers in a way that I think DC would. So prepare for your beloved heroes...with a twist!]

First up:

Captain America

WWII new recruit Steve Rogers volunteers to be the test subject for an experimental drug known as the 'Super-Soldier Serum', which causes the user's strength to grow exponentially! The serum works, and Steve becomes an incredibly strong soldier! Donning a suit in the colors of the American flag, Steve became 'Captain America'! Along with his friend and sidekick, Bucky, Steve fights on the front lines of war! But one day, Bucky tragically dies at the hands of Cap's greatest enemy, Red Skull! Heartbroken, a mourning Steve vows to avenge his friends death.

He kills any villain trying to harm civilians, before finally locating Red Skull! He beats him to near-death, but realizes that that's not what Bucky would have wanted. So he simply takes him to jail, and denounces his killing ways. He doesn't kill anymore, but he struggles to control his strength and sometimes goes a bit too far.

DC's Cap is—

Stephen Amell!

Remember earlier, when I made a note telling you all not to expect Stephen to be Hawkeye? Well I meant it. In this article, I'll be looking at which actor is the most compatible for what I think will be DC's vision, and I think that Stephen is the perfect candidate for DC's Captain America! Just look at how he portrays Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) in CW's Arrow!

Oliver Queen was once a simple rich kid, but after begin stranded on an island for five years, he returns to his home city with a vengeance! Just like DC's vision of Cap (and let me make it clear that I'm simply hypothesizing what DC would do with Captain America), Arrow uses his skills completely unfiltered, making sure his arrow is the last thing a criminal ever sees. And like DC Cap, it's the death of a close friend that motivates him to stop killing, but he too struggles with his strength and anger!

If Stephen was cast as Captain America, he could portray him the same way he portrays Arrow! He could channel the characters inner anger and grief into every fight scene! Of course, he'd have to tone down the sarcastic rich boy style. He could still be a little sarcastic though, Cap just wasn't a rich boy. But this next guy is!

His Original DC Role:

Iron Man

Tony Stark was just your run of the mill billionaire, playboy, philanthropist and inventor. Until one fateful day, after a meeting with the army about his latest weapon invention, his military convoy was attacked by deadly terrorists! Tony tried to escape, but a mine nearby exploded, sending shrapnel everywhere. One piece of shrapnel lodged itself in his chest. He managed to escape the terrorists, but with nowhere to go, and a severe injury, he was doomed. Luckily, he finds a cave and takes shelter in there. In the cave is another survivor, named Yinsen. Yinsen has taken shelter in the cave as well, and has managed to salvage enough materials to build a makeshift lab.

He helps Tony construct a suit of iron armor and an arc reactor that both powers the suit and keeps the shrapnel in his chest from reaching his heart. Tony then goes on a rampage against the terrorists, taking their entire camp out. He then decides to travel all over the world, instilling peace as a one man army! But there's a catch, the arc reactor doesn't completely stop the shrapnel, merely slows it down. It's still moving towards his heart, and will one day reach it. So he spends everyday like it's his last, doing everything in his power to instill peace, and make the world a better place before he dies!

DC's Iron Man is—

Liam Neeson!

Did I forget to mention that DC's Tony Stark is a little older and rugged than his Marvel self? Liam Neeson would be the perfect person for a DC Iron Man! He's smart, funny and charming enough to pull off Tony Stark. And his older age would help the characters story out a lot. An older Tony, realizing he's done for, wouldn't spend his short days trying to get more life. He's lived his life, and so he's using the rest of it to make sure others can live theirs comfortably! Yes I know, Liam isn't THAT old, but it's the principle of the storytelling and all that movie gab.

Plus, he's portrayed a character that wants to instill peace before. Yes he was an evil guy, and his methods weren't exactly peaceful, but this role gave him practice in the type of thing that Iron Man DC would be doing, which is going to extreme lengths to save the world. Only he'd be doing it in a less evil way. Potato potato. can't really do that via typing...can you?

His Original DC Role:

Bruce Banner/The Hulk

Troubled scientist Dr. Robert Bruce Banner has been struggling for the longest time to finish his research on gamma radiation and it's effects. But without the permission to test it on anyone, all he has is his notes and theories. After his wife gets tired of him focusing more on his job than his life at home, she leaves him. Distraught and angered, he decides that it's finally time to test his work. He sneaks into his lab after hours, and points the gamma ray towards himself! The rays hit him, and he's knocked back!

He awakens a couple of hours later, with no differences. Believing he's failed, he gives up on his research. Suddenly, soldiers charge through the door! They try to arrest him, despite him insisting that this is his lab. He tries to find his ID card, but he had forgotten to bring it with him the night before. A soldier shocks Banner with a taser after he tries to escape. This causes Banner to collapse and shut his eyes! Suddenly, his eyes re-open, the pupils completely disappeared. His skin color changes into a dark shade of purple, and his muscle structure expands rapidly! He transforms into the physical embodiment of rage and strength, the Unkillable Hulk! Banner wakes up an hour later, the lab is destroyed, and the soldiers are...having trouble breathing. He devotes his research to trying tostop and destroy the monster inside of him, even if it kills him as well.

DC's Hulk is—

George Clooney!

George Clooney, one of the greatest actors to grace the streets of Hollywood! George has been a doctor, a scientist, an astronaut, a con man, and in a bat-suit with built-in nipples....Ok so not every role is great, but George Clooney certainly makes every movie memorable! It's true that Clooney's previous superhero role wasn't very good, but just imagine him as an emotionally wrecked Bruce Banner! It'd be amazing! He could definitely pull off the "troubled man with nothing to lose" role, and even give it a little bit of that old George Clooney humor too! Not to mention it would be absolutely amazing seeing him "hulk out"! It would truly be an Oscar worthy performance.

His Original DC Role: Which By The Way Says Absolutely Nothing About Him Or His Acting Skills

Black Widow

Kidnapped and "recruited" into a secret government program called 'The Black Widow Program', Natasha Romanoff never got a chance at a normal life. She was trained to become the ultimate spy/killing machine! She became skilled in tactical espionage, warfare and weaponry. When she became skilled enough, she was tasked with taking out a group of assailants. The only problems was, the assailants teammates!

She was being pitted against her former comrades, with the mission to kill, or be killed! It was the ultimate, and final test. Luckily, S.H.I.E.L.D managed to get her out of there, but not before she had already terminated many of her former comrades. Now, she acts as S.H.I.E.L.D's greatest spy, able to take on any mission and finish it successfully! But she still has visions of her former life, never able to forget or forgive her past.

DC's Widow is—

Caity Lotz!

Ok, this one is really obvious. It's so obvious, that I almost didn't cast Caity. But no matter how predictable it is, Caity is the only girl I could see (in DC's world) playing Black Widow! Already an expert at troubled dark-clothed anti-heroes with troubled pasts and conflicting emotions, Caity Lotz would totally channel her role of Black Canary when playing Black Widow!

Yes, it's true that Lotz would pretty much be playing the same character. But, in my opinion, that's a good thing in this case!

Her Original DC Role:


Thor, 'Mighty God of Thunder'! Thor lives on Asgard. Thor's father, Odin, is king of all Gods! Thor is the heir, set to become the new ruler of Asgard! But one day, Thor travels to Midgard, also known as Earth, and befriends a group of earthlings who are fascinated with Asgardian culture. Loki uses Thor's absence to act out his long-awaited attack! Loki attacks Earth, and tries to kill Thor!

Thor defeats him, but learns that Loki has destroyed Asgard. Distraught, Thor stays on Earth, and vows to protect this new home from any and all threats! Even if that threat is Thor's very own murderous brother!

DC's Mighty Thunder God is—

Melissa Benoist!

I am aware that I have probably the shocked the literal "sfevfgeg" out of you.

Yes, I cast a woman as Thor in DC's world! Why? Well, it's not simply because I think it'd be cool for Thor to be a woman. Melissa is set to be Kara Zor-El, or Supergirl in the upcoming CBS series of the same name. If you don't the know the story of Supergirl, it goes something like this. Young Kara is sent away just moments before her planets destruction, lands on Earth, where she is taken in by the Danvers family. She grows to love her new family, and her new planet, vowing to protect from any threats! She's an otherworldly being, who looks like a human, has incredible strength and abilities, and a love for Earth. Sound familiar? If it does, it's because that's Thor! Now you may be asking why I didn't just cast someone like Henry Cavill or Brandon Routh, since I'm casting Melissa because of her (upcoming) experience in a role similar to Thor's. It's true, I was considering Henry Cavill, who did an amazing job as Superman in Man of Steel.

But as I was researching DC stars I realized, there aren't a lot of female characters who have been represented on screen. I'm a supporter of equal rights, and while I'm not going to bring an equality rant into this already expansive article, I will say that casting a woman in the role of such a powerful, influential and iconic role such as Thor would be a pretty big move from either Marvel or DC; one I wouldn't mind actually. And it's cool to note that Thor actually is a woman in the comics right now. Not a gender-bend of the character, but an entirely different character from the original Thor (who goes by "Odinson" now).

Is that a Norse helmet, with sunglass lenses? How?
Is that a Norse helmet, with sunglass lenses? How?

And while it's true that none of us have even seen Melissa in action as Supergirl yet, DC, like Marvel, knows how to cast their characters. And even if she does turn out doing poorly, the point is that she'll know the concept of Thor's character by being Supergirl, giving her a noticeable advantage over other casting choices. But anyway, I'm over-explaining at this point.

Let's just:

It's time for the final Avenger!


Born into an abusive family, Clint Barton was poor, abused and unhappy with his life. One day, his parents died in a tragic car accident. He and his brother are left without a home, until a traveling circus group finds them and offers to take them in. Clint is taught knife-throwing and archery by two of the circus performers. They treat him like their own family. But he soon finds out that they're actually thieving criminals, going around stealing money! They offer to give him a percentage of the cut if he joins them. Though he believes it be wrong, he doesn't want to be kicked out of his new home if he says no, so he accepts their offer.

For years, he lives life as a criminal, robbing banks and doing other..criminal type things. But one day, he meets the Avengers, and wishes to join them. He proves himself by helping them save the day, and because of this good deed, they let him join. Though he's denounced his old ways, he still occasionally has an itching to do something criminal, and the Avengers don't fully trust him quite yet.

DC's Green Ar—Uh, Hawkeye is—

Matt Ryan!

Matt Ryan is one of DC's newest recruits, portraying John Constantine in FOX's Constantine. John is a former con man who ceases his life of crime and becomes a supernatural detective. That's why I think he'd be a great Hawkeye! Matt, having played (and still playing) a former criminal turned good guy would have some experience with playing a character that has that kind of moral "tug-o-war" within him; where one side is telling him to do good things, while the other is telling him to do bad.

Matt is also quite the wisecrack. Which is good, since cracking jokes all the time is one of Hawkeye's biggest personality traits! And Hawkeye, being a former criminal himself, knows how to handle these criminals a little more than your traditional hero. He knows the language. The same can be said for Matt Ryan's Constantine.

Alright! That's all of the Avengers! Unless you count the upcoming ones. But since Age of Ultron isn't out yet, and this article is already pretty lengthy, I'll be leaving them out of this one. Still, there you have it! The six original Avengers, recast! This time if DC had cast them. or at least, what I think it would be like if DC had cast them. I don't actually speak for DC. If I did, I'm not sure they'd allow me to write things about Marvel...

I also sort of "DC-ified" the heroes. They're all pretty much the same, just with some added twist that I think DC might have gone with if they owned these characters. Again, I don't speak for DC, so I don't how they would have gone with it. But I hopefully I did a pretty good job.

Thanks For Reading!!


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