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Now, who doesn't like a good contest? If you raised your hand, go home. And, the powers that be over here on Moviepilot have given us a doozy: fancast your favorite comic. So, without further ado, I present to you, the cast of Superman: Red Son.

Sorry, before we get started, I just want to explain why this was my choice for a comic. I've only been reading comics for a couple months, though I've been a fan of superheroes for years. When I started getting the books, I found that Red Son was considered one of the best Superman stories ever written. I couldn't say no. I read it, loved it, and, well, now I'm going to fantasize about the movie that will never happen. But, enough of my jabbering, now we really get to the casting.

Superman/Кларк Кент: Michael Fassbender

Perhaps the thing that stands out most about Red Son's Superman is his coldness. Especially during the latter portions of the book, Superman is cold, calculating, and destructive. Sound familiar? Oh, right. Magneto is cold, calculating, destructive. However, Magneto is an immensely deep and complex character, and Fassbender shows every facet. There is love in Superman, it just often is lost in his desire to please the State. Fassbender has shown, and could show that complexity and emotional struggle to help people, and to control them. And, like Magneto, Superman feels that what he's doing is right.

Something else that could be noted: Superman is overall older in this story than his American counterpart usually is. So, an older-looking Fassbender would work better say than Henry Cavill, or Brandon Routh. He is no stranger to superhero films or costumes, and has a physique that at least looks ripped. Again, depth of character is the key phrase here, and Fassbender can play that beautifully.

Wonder Woman/Принцесса Диана: Milla Jovovich

No, no Gal Gadot, or Xena, or anyone else you'd likely be thinking for Diana. Milla, however, has the physicality, experience, and acting skills to play the warrior princess. It also helps that she's from the Ukraine. While the Amazons aren't in the Soviet Union per se, Milla's heritage would be a great help in playing the character.

Another person that might could play the role is Jennifer Lawrence, but, I have a hard time not seeing Katniss now in everything she does, and I suspect that this would be no different.

Lex Luthor: James Franco

If you've not read this comic, I'm going to try to stay away from spoilers, but, just know that Luthor isn't as much a villain in this as Superman is. In short, they are both anti-heroes. I'm no James Franco fan, but, he played a pretty decent anti-hero in an otherwise horrible film (Spiderman 3). Yes, he's younger, but, his acting skills are there, and he could play an older character. And, he can play obsessed, as was clearly seen in the Spiderman films, as well. He's a superhero film veteran, too. Now, clearly, this would be a different Luthor from the others we have seen, or will see, but, we are in another world here.

Batmankoff: Aaron Eckhart

Talk about a role reversal. Yes, this is Harvey Dent from the Dark Knight. Why him? Because, Aaron is one of the better actors out there, and he has the look to play Batman. Interesting fact here, Batman is only shown with his mask off once in the comic, and, he looked a good deal like Eckhart. Aaron, as I said, has some amazing acting skills, and is familiar with action (I, Frankenstein) and superhero films. Batman is a lot darker in this comic than he is in many others, and Eckhart can portray dark.

A little side note/spoiler: this comic has yet another example of why Batman can kick Superman's tail any day of the week. And now that I've enraged all the Superman fans, let's move on, shall we?

Green Lantern/Hal Jordan: Nathan Fillion

Books have been written on why Fillion should be Hal Jordan, so, I won't try to add to it too much. Nathan's acting is superb, and he fits the character well. Shoot, he's played the guy in animated films! Jordan doesn't have a huge part to play in this story till the end, but, it's pretty epic. There would also be Guy Garner, Jon Stewart, and Kyle Rayner to back him up. And, again, we have another action/sci-fi veteran on here.

Brainiac: voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch

I tried to save my cliche castings till the end. Again, so much has already been said about Benedict playing the role, so, I can't really add much to it. He has the voice, most definitely. Interesting thing about Brainiac in this film: he's more like Smaug in a way. He plays the role of advisor to Superman for quite some time, and his lies worm their way into his mind. So, again, Cumberbatch would be the perfect voice for this. John Noble did an excellent job in Superman: Unbound, and Troy Baker or John Dimaggio woiuld also be good prospects.

There are many other smaller cast members in this story, but, I wanted to stick to the superheroes/villains. If you've never read this story, please do. And...well, I'd tell you, but...spoilers. Anyway, I hope that you liked this casting. If you have any thoughts or comments, feel free to share them with me!


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