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Erica Marie Lee Pagan

I myself in no way think I am fashionable since I don't look like the average model nor have the money to buy certain items to compliment my wardrobe. But it got me to thinking, what is fashion really about? The look, the style or in the case of fashion designer Iris Apfel the fun of it all.

Recently I had the pleasure to watch a documentary of a fellow New Yorker's life who I have never heard of before. When looking initially, I just assumed she was the head of the company and just gave orders to subordinates like other fashion designers do (or like Kanye West who also happens to show up in the film as well). Instead, I was pleasantly surprised and quickly began to fall in love with the beautiful muse of the documentary that is Iris Apfel.

As a true New Yorker, Iris was never afraid of rejection. To give you an example, Ms. Loheman of the store Lohemans, told Iris directly, "you're not pretty and will never be pretty. But you got style and thats all that you need."

Having her hands directly touch, feel or choose fabric represents Iris having the figurative candy store and with Iris being the wide eyed child.

Iris appears to be just a regular 90 year-old woman (thats right, she is ninety and able to take on the fashion world by herself to this day...P.S her husband is one hundred) who has taken the fashion world from her own personal hodgepodge collection to the homes of Presidents to having an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. How many people can even say they do a third of what Iris has accomplished?

If you want to know more about this great New York woman please take a chance and open your heart to your inner fashionista you should definitely watch this fun loving film. So get your silly slippers on and matching accessories and watch the Iris Apafel documentary.


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