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Amy Martin

Rated a saddening 5.1/10 stars on IMDB, 'The Last Showing' is one of those indie flicks that had barely any publicity, and then upon its release, was seemingly forgotten about within a week. So I'm here to put in a good word. Released in September last year, The Last Showing presented us with an all-star cast, including Robert Englund (Nightmare on Elm Street), Emily Berrington (The Inbetweeners 2) and Finn Jones (Game of Thrones).

OK, it certainly has its bad points - such as the god-awful acting from both Berrington and Jones, hence why I believe the film got such a low rating. If you can go into this flick with an open mind however, and try your best to look past the less than mediocre acting skills of the two young performers, then you may just enjoy this quirky piece of cinema (no pun intended).

The Last Showing has a really interesting premise - "A couple trapped in a cinema are manipulated into becoming unwilling actors in a film being captured by CCTV cameras." Now this is a theme that I don't think I've ever come across before - a young couple finding themselves forced into starring in a horror movie, with no way of escaping the mad man who is watching them behind the screens.

So as I said before, if you can get over the less-than-passable acting from Finn Jones and Emily Berrington, then I can almost guarantee that you'll enjoy this fun, indie thriller. Give it a go, and tell me what you thought in the comments section on this post!


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