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Anthony Hardman

The Last of Us 2, highly debated by many. Should It happen? If so can it be The Last of Us without Joel, or at the very least Ellie?

I would like to take us all back July 28, 2014. Any avid follower of The Last Of Us will remember this as the night of The Last of Us: One Night Live. A night where many of the cast members from The Last of us got together at The Broad Stage in Santa Monica, to perform some scenes from The Last of Us live for the whole world. The night started out great for many, but soon ended in tragedy, when creative director of The Last Of Us, Neil Druckmann announced that there would be a scene performed that only those lucky enough to attend the event will ever get to see and thus the live stream ended. A description of the scene soon leaked on the internet. The scene goes as following.

Joel is talking to Ellie in her room at Tommy's, explaining that Tommy is trying to set him up to marry a girl named Esther. According to various accounts of the scene, Ellie is acting distant and reserved, until Joel pulls out a guitar and sings a song (which Joel's voice actor Troy Baker performed live.) Joel tells Ellie a joke, and the pair laugh together, the tension broken. Joel leaves the guitar with Ellie as a gift, and the scene ends with Ellie alone on her bed, strumming a chord. -IGN

Could this be the opening to the possible sequel? Neil Druckmann did say that this scene will never be performed again, but we all know he's a liar. Telling us we would never get to play Ellie, and that The Last of Us would be the longest campaign Naughty Dog ever created. So here's hoping that Neil Druckmann turns out to be the liar he's been before.


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