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For people who have seen "Out of Time", you would know that there is some real big things about to come into play on the show.

One thing we know that is going to happen is obviously Dr Wells coming out as the Reverse Flash.

Artwork of the Reverse Flash featured on the show.
Artwork of the Reverse Flash featured on the show.

Dr. Wells came straight out to Cisco after some testing was done on the trap. It was then confirmed officially that wells was the Nemesis of Barry Allen and that he is Eobard Thawne. Or at least a 'distant relative' of his. Barry knows none of this as he went back in time which also brings the beloved character Cisco back to life.

I'm still alive. YAY!!
I'm still alive. YAY!!

Barry must soon find out that Wells is the Reverse Flash which will cause a lot of trouble. We also found out that Thawne needs Barry to get back to his normal timeline. This means that there will be no terrible plot to kill Allen yet.

With Barry being able to travel through time now there is no doubt that he will be able to go back to the night the Reverse Flash killed his mother, whether Barry will be successful or not is still unknown but either way will rupture the timeline he lives in with a massive change.

The Flashpoint is possible to be put on the show, however not likely as we don't have any of the other Justice League members to feature.

Barry's love life? Is it happening?

We all smiled with joy as we saw Barry finally get the kiss from Iris we have been waiting for since the Pilot episode, but now that he has gone back in time and prevented this all from happening, will they still get together?

Everyone hopes so but we can't really tell what will happen.

Fingers crossed!

Hopefully soon we can see more of the Reverse Flash but for now we get to see some other awesome villains, particularly in the next episode - Captain Cold, Heat Wave and Lisa Snart!


Are you excited to see what the future will hold for Barry Allen?


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