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Okay, if you're a big Avatar fan like myself, you are jumping with joy after receiving such wondrous news. The comics will start right where The Last Airbender series ended. Yes, "Legend of Korra" gave us something to watch and look forward to every week but it didn't really satisfy my Avatar needs. I've wondered for years what Prince Zuko has been up to and how his crazy sister was doing, with so many things left unanswered when the series ended, I'm hoping the new comics clarifies things a little.

The new three-part comic series titled The Last Airbender: Smoke and Shadow is set to come out on September 23th of this year.

Gene Yang (writer for Dark Horse) said,

“The story will begin with Zuko bringing his mom and his mom’s family back to the Fire Nation for the first time since the end of the show. It actually ties in to the Free Comic Book Day story from two years ago – the very first one that we did – which was focused on Mai, Zuko’s ex-girlfriend. In that story, Mai discovers that her father is the head of this secret society that’s bent on removing Zuko from the throne. It’s called the New Ozai Society, and they will be the focal point of the first book. It’ll be all about how Zuko deals with rebellion and this group, the New Ozai Society, that’s bent on getting him off the throne.”

Two title covers have been unveiled already. Don't they look freaking amazing?! Aang is pretty much grown, A girl can cry over such beauty... He looks so mature and strong and his character grew so much throughout the series maybe not in age, but as person and it was just beautiful to watch.

Smoke and Shadow, Part 1
Smoke and Shadow, Part 1

As you can see, Zuko's ex-girlfriend Mai, whom I never really grew to like is on the cover. Throughout the comics, we will get the chance to learn more about her and how she feels towards him, Finally they will answer the question that has been going around in my head since Avatar ended... Will Mai and Zuko ever stop being those stubborn people we have all grown to love so much and just date again? - With such beautiful covers, it really makes you wanna read the comics!

Smoke and Shadow, Part 2
Smoke and Shadow, Part 2

With all that being said, who knows... we might just see another TV series in the future, maybe not one that runs as long as the one before but at least it would be something. We haven't got to see our beloved Aang or any of the Avatar crew on screen since that tanked The Last Airbender film back in 2010. A lot of directors fail to make animated TV shows into successful live-action adaptations, but I at least thought that it would be halfway decent given the fact that it was produced and directed by M. Night Shyamalan. Instead it was a horrible film that rushed through a lot of important parts from the series, If you didn't see the movie I say go rent it, Give it a watch and tell me if it did the anime (I count Avatar as a anime) any sort of justice.


Will you be reading the new The Last Airbender: Smoke and Shadow comic?


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