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Jared Leto - the multi-talented musician, songwriter and actor, supplies color and passion to the corners of the Earth in everything he does, though, his next venture into the world of film is going to plunge him onto an entirely new level. Our 30 Seconds to Mars front-man was revealed early this year to be the DC Cinematic Universe's future CLOWN PRINCE OF CRIME, 'The Joker' himself, and with a past performance of the same character like Heath Ledger's back in 2008's The Dark Knight, well let's just say Leto has certainly got a crap-load to live up to!

Leto's Joker will be debuting in David Ayer's Suicide Squad in 2016, and with filming close to starting in Toronto Canada, us eager fans have been teased with some snippets into the life of the new Fire Starter of Gotham across the past month or so!

So far we've seen his Joker hair-style, which is not yet Joker Green, but none-the-less is very excitingly similar to the style portrayed in the recent story-arc; Batman: Endgame, and boy is it looking promising! Somebody even took the time to photoshop the bleached hair green, so that us fans could get even more of a buzz:

'Batman: Endgame's' Joker (left), Jared Leto sporting the style (middle), and the awesome fan edit (right)
'Batman: Endgame's' Joker (left), Jared Leto sporting the style (middle), and the awesome fan edit (right)

If you haven't seen these already - GREAT RIGHT!? Leto certainly seems to be going for the more iconic, comic look for the Joker, and with Jared's joyous reveal of his potential Joker voice not 2 days ago, now we really have something to lose our @#$% about!

You read right, 30 Seconds To Mars are currently touring Russia, and while introducing one of their songs, Leto has given us the best teaser of all - condensed into this mind-grabbingly awesome vine made by VIOletta Novo, which you can check out down below:

*If you're watching from a desktop device, remember to press the 'un-mute' button in the bottom right corner*

Now I am really pumped! If this IS the all-important Joker voice we're all looking forward to, then I see a gleaming future for the DC-CU already!

Anyway, please COMMENT and debate and anything that you feel about our new and brewing Joker, and don't forget to SHARE so that everyone can get a taste of this insanely awesome gift that has been given to us!


So, do you think Leto's Joker is going to be an explosion?


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