ByTony Ebikeme Jr, writer at
Tony Ebikeme Jr

We've all seen the parallels of DC's poster to Roger Moore's debut as well as some locations that pay homage to "Live And Let Die", the teaser poster is reminiscent of the publicity still of Moore, photographed on location in Jamaica, when 007 stages his raid on the Kananga poppy farm. Sam Mendes has previously remarked that "Live And Let Die" was his first introduction to Bond as a youth and remains one of his favourite films.

Well SPECTRE filming in Mexico City got underway yesterday as the production team recreated a portion of a Day of the Dead ceremony, which is traditionally held on 1st November....

Will we be seeing some sort of homage to the Baron??

This is the fourth time Bond has been to Mexico and indeed 'Licence To Kill' was shot almost entirely in Mexico City...


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