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I’m incredibly friendly and approachable...
-Harley's Joker

Most people can't say the fell into the world of cosplay, let alone rose to the top, accidentally. But then most people aren't New York's Anthony Misiano, filmmaker, cosplayer and model.
We were lucky enough to track him down (Honestly, we just followed his fans), and got to talk with him about fandom and the convention circuit.

Comic Book Illuminati:
What's been your best cosplay moment?

Harley's Joker:
As much as I love conventions, I would have to say I’m proudest of the recent photographic recreations I’ve done of famous Joker pieces of art. Brian Bolland’s cover art for “The Killing Joke” and Alex Ross’s “Tango of Evil”. The latter of which I did with my partner in crime, Alyssa King, my Harley Quinn.

Comic Book Illuminati:
With the overall authenticity you bring to the Joker, have you been approached by filmmakers?

Harley's Joker:
I actually co-produced and co-starred in a well received three-part Batman short film, “The Batman Chronicles”, which you can find on YouTube.

Comic Book Illuminati:
Have you ever been recognized out of "uniform"?

Harley's Joker:
From time to time, usually at comic conventions and occasionally in comic book shops. It’s funny. I’m incredibly friendly and approachable, almost naively trusting, [laughs] so it tends to go well.

Comic Book Illuminati:
What's your best personal nerdgasm?

Harley's Joker:
Having dinner with
Brian Bolland in Mexico City. I had to work so hard to contain my inner fan-girl.

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The Batman Chronicles

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