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(Xbox) "There are two players in the room... " (Player) "No Xbox, I am the only person in the house." (Xbox) "I have detected another person in the room..."

Can an Xbox Kinect camera really pick up apparitions? The simple answer is, yes. Professional ghost hunters use a medley of different types of ghost hunting equipment, however the bread and butter of ghost hunting has always been the IR (Infrared) cameras. The new Xbox One Kinect has an advanced IR mode that you can manually switch to.

Will you try it?

Xbox captures ghost footage
Xbox captures ghost footage

Take heed Xbox owners, you may be in for a surprise. When put into this mode the Xbox One can only see in IR, this also means that it can see things that the human eye can not.

Xbox user, Neil Andrew Pike (Zero Fox) had the shock of his life when experimenting with his new Xbox Kinect camera.

The Kinect camera system will prompt you when a new person is in the room with you, this phenomena however is in most cases dismissed as a glitch by most users if playing alone. Has this ever happened to you?

To the horror of some gamers around the world, when unboxing their new hardware and checking out the various modes on their Kinect, they have seen some truly unexplainable eerie figures standing in the room with them.

"Okay, my sister was telling me about her friend who has a Kinect. One night recently she was playing it (not sure what game though) with her son and after some time the son ends up going to bed but the mom continues to play and at some point while she's playing the Kinect picks up on another body... When there is no one around but herself." - Anon

Although Kinect began life as a gaming peripheral for the Xbox, it has quickly become a platform in itself. The new Kinect (Kinect 2) for the Xbox One has the ability to recognize and differentiate between individuals, it can read your expressions and guesstimate your mood, it has the ability to capture multiple people in one room and most importantly of all, it can apparently see dead people, all in a pitch black room.

The 3D mapping and motion sensor capability, the Kinect can detect an object/entity moving from the size of a rabbit up to a full sized adult. The system will track the location and movement of the objects mapping it with a stick figure outline.

Is there an explanation?

The only real explanation for these goings-on comes from certain field experts and that is that this phenomena that is captured by Kinect cameras could be identified to be 'kinetic energy' or 'kinesis' that's responding to the environment. Otherwise known as 'mind movement.'

This basically means that this is energy that is emitted from the human user in the room. Instead of a ghost or invisible entity the Kinect is picking up on the psychokinesis ability of the human user. The ability to project thoughts, influencing your surrounding environment.

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What are your thoughts? Can the Xbox see spirits or is it just a glitch in the Matrix ....... AND WILL YOU DARE TO TRY THIS AT HOME?


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