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Manthan Shah

Stephen Strange A.K.A Dr. Strange Is A really strong character in Marvel!

Marvel just recently confirmed its upcoming movies...
which also includes Dr. Strange which release date is November 4 , 2016.

So we all are desperately waiting for it..!
For Now no one has thought of Dr. Strange that is he related anywhere in present MCU films
Well No.. Dr. Strange has already been Introduced to MCU! Shocked..? You Might well take a look at the picture below!

Here agent Sitwell was talking about Zola's Algorithm that it evaluates people's past and eliminates whoever is a threat to hydra
So next Agent Sitwell Told Himself That Stephen Strange is a threat to hydra...

So My theory over here is that Arnim Zola has already identified Dr. Strange a person with powers which can posses a threat...and S.H.I.E.L.D and Captain America are all familiar with Dr. Strange's Work and as we all know the fox has rights of X-men (Sue You Fox) so the twins - QuickSilver and Scarlet Switch are called as gifted in the movie - Avengers AOE so even they may call Dr. Strange as gifted and hereby to stop any magical powers in the future MCU! and May Dr. Strange work with SHIELD cuz all of our superheroes know him!

And Marvel Also Announced its new Television Series which will take place soon..
Iron Fist TV Series so Dr. Strange can come up with iron fist..bcuz both are great allies and both believes in magic!

Or Maybe He will be even introduced again in Avengers AOE or Captain America Civil War

So what u think Dr. Strange will be introduced more in future MCU films like Captain America Civil War and Can lead to the Inhumas..

Let us know in the comments what u think!


What u think Dr. Strange will be introduced again in which Film/Series?


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