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It's been a long winter and all I keep hearing from horror fans is, "Jay, when is the movie scene gonna heat up?" Well, get ready Horror Hounds, here are 5 new horror gems to warm up your Spring!

1. Preservation (2014)

Camping trips can go wrong in more ways than one. Preservation is a little story about such experiences. A brooding and dark film that feels like something beyond the sum of its working parts. No spoilers, just a heavy handed recommendation for this film that reminds me of the Blair Witch film meeting Eden Lake.

2. Clown (2014)

Eli is an interesting figurehead for new-age horror. Someday we might actually get to see The Green Inferno or maybe even Thanksgiving... who knows. For now we have to be satisfied with Mr. Roth's ability to get movies out for other people. Okay, all that said, Clown is pretty good. I went in a little doubtful that this simple premise could sustain itself much longer than a second rate Tales from the Crypt episode. I was wrong. Clown is more than solid, it's scary! It presents us with its own mythos and helps us buy in to it a little before it ramps up the blood and clown-on-child violence. Not a masterpiece by far, but a ton of fun.


So without giving too much away, I can tell you this: in my opinion BACKCOUNTRY is one of the most realistic horror films ever made. I'm sure it will be compared relentlessly with a famous four lettered film from the seventies, but I think it's far more comparable to Open Water, in terms of being more than a creature feature. Far better than last years Grizzly.

4. Cub (2014)

All I can say about Cub (2014) is... WOW! A truly brilliant and original film, while fans of the genre know foreign horror rocks, Cub's concept runs through your mind as if you're watching an American made psycho-drama with English subtitles. It's deeper than you think, and slowly, it pulls you down there with it. More than just a little slasher film, for sure.

5. Digging Up The Marrow (2015)

Fans of the horror young gun, Adam Green, will be pleased with this self-examining docudrama/found footage/mockumentary hybrid. Adam borrows a great deal from Clive Barker's Nightbreed here, but in our genre that's usually accepted as long as the new storyteller actually adds to the story. I liked it, there are some arguments in this film's future but I believe it stands out enough to be loved by Horror Hounds everywhere. Monsters are real!

That's it for now, friends. I'll be back soon with more new and disturbing recommendations for everyone. Until then, check out these 5 films, and let me know what you think about them!

- JD


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