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“…You meet with death every minute until you pass out. Days, weeks, a sharp cold metal tube of which you know none of its content, so out of it, tired, blind…where are you...who are you…who is she?” - PROJECT E.1337

Last summer an unknown director, Jason L. Wang, posted a casting call to search for his principal cast in his action concept short, the tagline simply said “an action story that follows three genetically enhanced test subjects and their dark beginnings to becoming one of the most feared tactical teams in the world. ”

That movie was known as “PROJECT E.1337”, an action filled feature film that is now becoming a reality through the support of its fans.

It’s not uncommon to see independent horror, drama, comedy and documentary films being made every year, however it is rare to see independent action and sci-fi films made. Why? These genres typically take much more meticulous planning between its actors, stuntmen, production design, wardrobe, etc, it’s enough to make any director weary of tackling such a project. So why is PROJECT E.1337 worth taking a look?

For starters, Jason comes from a completely different world than action films, believe it or not the trailer you saw above was his first attempt at the action genre. Jason’s creative roots stem from breakdancing and classical ballet, a rather odd mix, but he credits his professional career in classical ballet as the catalyst for his transcendence into film. When asked about it, he had this to say,

“On stage you can only dance a certain direction in order to make the audience see what you want them to see, with action in film, I can not only move the actor, but I can move the audience too! Now that is something very unique to think about and it opens an entire world of ideas to someone like me.”

The action scenes are sure to be something to anticipate given what he has said, but what's more interesting is his creativity as a writer and how he plans to deliver a unique type of action story. Jason says his movie will be a progressive take on a genre that is usually dominated by men, he has written the movie to feature powerful females in protagonist and antagonist roles, something Hollywood will rarely do. He has also noted that Hollywood has made it hard for people of certain genders to be cast outside of “their” roles. Because of the independent nature of his film, he plans to showcase what the “unnoticed until needed” actresses can really do in roles that aren't always written with them in mind.

When asked about the significance in the numbers 1337 (Thirteen Thirty Seven), Jason explains that it plays a silent role within the movie and that it reveals underlying themes of cyber punk and popular video game references. There will be Easter Eggs hidden all over the film to search for, so far the only one found was is in the concept short during the Mission GUI Sequence. Can you find it?

Can’t find it? Take a look at Beta Teams" position" assignments; Heavy, Assault, and Sniper, these are very common types of classes (jobs) that appear in First Person Shooters like “Call of Duty” and “Battlefield”. You can see these roles played out during the action sequence as the character Spencer deals most of the casualties upfront and very quickly while Carlos stays nearby to assist if there’s a gap, Jack assumes a further position taking the least amount of kills. I can only guess what other things Jason may include for us to search for, can you say replay value?

The script is something I had a rare opportunity to read, without any spoilers, the story is well played out that brings you much satisfaction for your wants and needs, scene after scene. It’s got a pace that will keep you on edge with thriller like elements and ultimately bringing on an action payload. The script articulates the action in such a way that can only be described as epic and very badass.

His team is in pre-production as we speak and has launched a Kickstarter campaign with some very limited perks to offer its initial fans. At the time of this article they are already at 42% to goal with 3 weeks to go. The most exciting perk is their $7 tier which gets you the entire movie when it’s released, yes, you can get the entire movie for $7! A rather interesting overreach goal is set at $7,500 where every backer will receive a digital copy of the film in addition to their original perks, even if you only pledged $1 dollar to the campaign!

If you love action movies then you’ll want to jump on this before all the exclusive perks are gone, join Project E.1337 and help them create one of the most intense action films for the price of one take out meal.

Original Conceptual Short:

So what are you waiting for? Go to his Kickstarter Campaign NOW!


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