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Cunno Molenaar

This is my take on recasting the Avengers.
The current cast is simply amazing and there is one actor that cannot be replaced and that is Mr. Downey Jr. I still tries though and i hope you will like it.

At first it's Iron Man played by mr. Downey Jr.

Here is my recast for Iron Man: Nathan Fillion

Nathan is one of the few actors who can play a great Iron Man in my opinion.

The next one is Thor and Chris Hemsworth is Thor. If Thor will be recast i think it's time for the lady version of Thor so:

the next Thor will be
the next Thor will be
And the Lady Thor will be?
And the Lady Thor will be?

Natalie Dormer would be perfect for the female version of Thor.


Next up the Hulk.

I would recast the Hulk as She-Hulk and the reason why is that there will not be a new movie for the Hulk even though he is one of my favorite heroes. So the Hulk:

will be replaced by

The one who should play She-Hulk is Daniela Ruah.


It's time for Captain America. I don't like Captain America so he will be replaced by the winter soldier Bucky Barnes

Mr. Renner plays Hawkeye and i would replace him for

Jamie Dornan would be a perfect Hawkeye.

And last but not least Black Widow. Scarlett is absolutly one of my favorite actresses and she plays a super Black Widow.

My recast for Black Widow is the amazing Gemma Arterton

So here it is my take on the Avengers.

If i would had some more time this would be a much better post i think.

Hope you like it!!


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