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  • A funeral for Allison, at least a flash back of it. Hell, a tombstone would be nice! The same goes for Erica & Boyd! I want to see some type of thing from Chris and Isaac in Paris, maybe even a cameo from Jackson when he's in Paris for some date with some girl. FLASH BACK IT, photograph, dream sequence from someone thinking about the funeral, I don't know, I just want it damn it.
  • An actual reason as to why Derek won't be apart of the Scott McCall gang anymore since Tyler Hoechlin won't be a regular in season 5. Maybe he goes off with Braeden to go be with Cora. I'd rather like that, wouldn't you?
  • Lydia furthering her Banshee powers while she helps Parrish figure out what he is. Which is so a Phoenix ladies & gentleman. I want to see this on screen, I don't want some off handed comment, I want to WATCH Lydia and Parrish working together, training together and just depending on one another. I love the friendship/potential romance between the two of them, especially since Stydia isn't exactly happening right now.
  • More of Lydia, Kira and Malia being badass ladies together away from the boys. Nothing romantic for the girls, some sort of girls day where they are all training together and bonding. Hell, let it be at Derek's loft with Braeden. GIVE MALIA DEREK'S LOFT IF HE IS LEAVING SO DEREK CAN STILL BE APART OF THE PACK EVEN IF HE'S NOT A MAIN PART OF IT ANYMORE. If I can't have Allison apart of my dream of [Teen Wolf](series:721002) ladies being badasses together without the men and hanging out, than this will have to do. I will forever miss Lydia and Allison's friendship.
  • Scott developing more as an Alpha on his own, no help, just him, being a True Alpha. We've gotten glimpses of it, but let's really get Scott being a badass. He's sweet, kind, caring, noble etc. and he's got a bite to match his bark. Let's see it happening! I love Scott, I love that he's always trying to do the right thing, that he messes up a lot and tries to make things better and that he tries so damn hard to be a good son for his mom. I love his relationship he is dealing with Agent McAsshole, I mean, his father. I just really love Scott McCall and I want him to be a force to be reckoned with.

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