ByJanessa Dawson, writer at

Spending a month and a half, reading the tales of the sexy adventures of Christian Grey and Anna Steele's life, made me a bit bias when it came to seeing the movie. Most reader's that I have come into contact with, would agree that reading the book explained the very fun and diverse world of BDSM but it was also the love story between a deeply wounded man and a innocent young woman with a level of awkwardness. I had originally planned to avoid seeing the movie altogether but I soon realized, I had too, I was too curious not too. The movie shows just a tiny glimpse of what Anna deals with when concerning Christian. A glimpse. The rest of the movie is down-played to a degree that most would call disappointing. Everything in the book is extreme and outrageous but in the movie, it is normal and disappointing. I would definitely say that if you plan on watching the movie, "Fifty Shades of Grey." Do not get your hopes to high. You will be deeply disappointed.


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