Byvalen maxwell (musikguy), writer at

now i was searching through my twitter and guess what i found!!
appearantly marvel is recruiting and underground person
to be the new black suited spiderman!
marvel is actualy trying to find a possible sidekick
to potray the role as
our new spidey!!

miles as spidey
miles as spidey

miles morals.. or maybe there casting for the noir

noir spiderman
noir spiderman

here's a pic of what i found on twitter

emmanuel 'hd57' alexis the new spidey?>>???
emmanuel 'hd57' alexis the new spidey?>>???

check out the twitter what's written !
is marvel gonna use the underground internet music sensation hd57
for the role of miles moralS?
looks like a perfect fit after watching that image!
what do you say?


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