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Canadian actor Gabriel Hogan will appear in at least one episode of Teen Wolf Season 5.

Viewers of the long-running, north-of-the-border primetime soap Heartland will recognize Hogan as Peter Morris. He was the rich bad guy who turned love interest who then lost all his money.

He also happens to be the son of Teen Wolf actor Michael Hogan (Gerard Argent).

There wasn’t some big announcement about Hogan coming to Teen Wolf Headquarters in Northridge, California. We got word through a casting notice for stand-ins – they’re looking someone who looks like him to stand in during the setting of shots prior to filming for scenes on Thursday, March 19th.

The same type notice announced the return of Benita Robledo for the same episode.

Robledo was last seen on ABC as one of Agent Carter’s neighbors at the Griffith Hotel (the same building they use for Eichen House in Teen Wolf). She played a nurse named Carol.

You might also remember her from her time as Amalia on Gossip Girl like five years ago or the role in which I recognized her - as “Genius!” girl in this ad for the USPS.

Robledo was filming on set last week and thanked her fellow actors via twitter "Had such a blast shooting !!! Thank you so much @lindenashby @the_ryan_kelley @AshtonMoio + everyone for making me feel welcome!"

As is always the case with castings of this sort – we have no idea how large a role Robledo or Hogan might play within this week's episode but we do know they’ll be shooting a party or nightclub dance scene on Thursday. That means TWHQ will be crawling with good-looking extras!

Teen Wolf is now in its sixth week of production on Season 5. They are filming scenes for episodes 4 and 5.


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