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The golden statuette still isn't in the hands of Leonardo DiCaprio. The actor doesn't plan to give up his ambitions, but has rather undertaken a new project which, he hopes, will earn him a sixth nomination and an Oscar. In a single film, he's playing 24 roles! Namely, in the new film named 'The Crowded Room' Leo will portray a character who suffers from a serious psychological disorder - where in one body 24 'personas' can be found.

The aforementioned film is the film adaptation of the novel 'The Minds of Billy Milligan' from 1981, authored by Daniel Keyes and written based on true events which follow the life of Billy Milligan. In the 70s, this man used personality disorder in his defense for the first time in court. Billy was accused of robbery and raping three women in Ohio.

As mentioned in other media, DiCaprio had a dream about having this role, which, among other things, includes an eight-year-old boy, then a woman who has homosexual tendencies and takes responsibility for rape, a Yugoslav communist named Ragen who admits he is responsible for the robbery and many other "people" of different age and sex, especially character.

Maybe it wouldn't be too terrible if Leo becomes one of the best actors who never got an Oscar. Besides, many predict that this role is the one he has been waiting for, and that this role itself may be the one that would earn him a long-awaited golden statuette.

Until then, the next Leo's movie we'll get to see in theaters is 'The Revenant', which we will be able to see near the end of 2015.


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