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I just spent most of my Sunday, and an ungodly amount of my not so precious time, watching three of the most fun b-movies I've seen in a while: Sharknado, Sharknado 2: The Second One, and Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark. And having subjected myself to these movies, I can say, honestly and openly, that I hope everyone gets the chance to watch these masterworks of suck.

Sharknado in all of its terrible glory has been in and out of the spotlight a lot over the past few years, and now I completely understand why; because its phenomenal. It has everything that a b-movie should have: bad special effects, awful writing, and acting which swung from mediocre to awful (you gotta love Tara Reid). Not to mention that the movie is made even more terribly hilarious by some of the best bad movie science ever created. From start to finish I was either laughing or shaking my head, and by the time the credits did roll, following a man's emergence from a shark, I fell out of my chair. When I turned it off I was under the impression that nothing would ever be that bad/good, and I was wrong, because there's another one.

Having seen that brilliant work of bad movie, and with Netflix begging me to watch the sequel, I didn't know how I could say no. I turned it on, and hoped that it could be anywhere near half as bad as its parent -- and I was thrilled to discover that it is absolutely as good. Sharknado's are back and now with double the bad puns, double the movie references and a slew of celebrity cameos from Wil Wheaton to Al Roker. The effects are a little bit worse (somehow), the writing is still awful, and Kelly Osbourne gets eaten by a shark. What's not to love? And once again with the credits scrolling past after an obligatory shark pun (fin, get it, fin) I found myself on the floor again, delighted that there was a third one on the way.

Tara Reid's chainsaw hand a la Evil Dead.
Tara Reid's chainsaw hand a la Evil Dead.

But, while dreams of shark puns danced in my head, I was unfortunately out of movies. At least until I realized that The Asylum, the creators of all this win, have made almost 100 movies, each as awesomely bad as the last. And that is how I encountered the surprisingly mediocre Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark.

This movie started strong with ham-fisted environmental messages and surprisingly strong showings in the form of Elisabeth Rohm and Christopher Judge (Stargate anyone). But honestly this one was a little too good for me. It wasn't good, but it wasn't bad enough to be good either, so it sort of fell flat for me. But I even had a good time with this one, who wouldn't want to see two sharks crash together at 40,000 feet, and there was enough camp to ensure that I kept laughing.

All things considered it was a pretty decent way to spend a Sunday avoiding my work, and clearly a lot of people agree with me because Asylum has apparently never lost money on a movie. I for one am incredibly happy that studios like asylum continue to make these terrible b-films, and I hope that SyFy continues to show them.

I leave you with this, from another of Asylum's projects that is on the list for next weekend...


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