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All through the ages people have been asking who is the best hero, Batman or Superman , Spiderman or Captain America, but what about Villians? Which hero do you think has the best arch nemesis , with this list I composited ten villians who have not only proved to be deadly but also intelligent.

1.Ozymandias ('The Watchmen' 2009)

Not only is Ozymandias a badass martial artist, he is also a villian with an insane amount of intelligence. Ozymandias created a plan to prevent WW3 single handedly by killing "millions to save billions" , avoided his own death by 'Dr.Manhattan' , and basically destroyed the need for supervillians to even be around anymore. Ozymandias unlike other steereotypical villians also doesn't explain his plan to the hero so they have a chance to stop it , he did it minutes befor they even arrive.

2.Bane ('The Dark Knight Rises' 2012)

Bane is literally the man with the plan , now I know your wondering .Why is ISNT Joker up here he Ledger was better than Hardy? Well that may be true but Bane literally had Gotham on th brink of destruction and not only was he able to kill almost thousands of people with a nuke , he also made Batman relevant again. So if that's not steereotypicaly evil I dont know what is.

3.Magneto('Xmen Days of Future 2014)

Now I know what your thinking , "Magneto was basically a good guy in this film". But what about yound 'Magneto' ? He was willing to his own friends, the president , and innocent people , just because mutants were being hunted , from a view this can be looked at as "evil for the greater good", or just evil. But his plan was concrete and dastardly, the only thing that stopped him was his friend and his conscience.

4.DeathStroke('Arrow' 2012-present)

Deathstroke, one of the most rebound names in comic book history, and to not that well seen of a charachter on TV , he was amazing. His plan was concrete , and could've have gone all the way through only if he were a bit smarter , he may have destroyed 'Starling City' and sure he can use 80% of his brain but he either over shot things or undershot them especially when it came to 'Arrow'.

5.) Reverse-Flash ('The Flash' 2014- Present)

Do I really need to explain this one? Reverse Flash is one my favorite Villians and he is genius, and evil he is basically the perfect rogue in my opinion.

6.Killian('Iron man' 2013)

Now 'Mandarians' plan was kind of a stretch but he did work with what he had in a weird it reminds of the incredibles , boy gets rejected by his hero, turns evil and tries to kill his ex role model. Pretty good plan even had the right powers .

7.Albert Wesker('Resident Evil: After life/Retribution' 2010-2012)

Well, let's see . He's a psychopathic maniac, and he made himself the president after dying somehow. Weaker has had a few plots but he has proven him self to be a great antagonist for Alice/Redfields. Not much can really be said about him because even if his plan is destroyed , somehow he still manages to get what he wants.

8.Sinestro('Green Lantern' 2011)

Ok , yeah I know this was a terrible movie that never should have happened , but this scene, kinda saved it from totally getting scrapped, now Sinestro didn't really do much so I basically have to go by the comic here, he's a great villian, and has an amazing origin( but in the small scene when him and Hal were 'training' he was at his best.

9.Gorilla Grodd('Flash' 2014 - present)

Well back to the Flash (see what I did there back to the flash , back in a flash , bad pun sorry.) Anyway, We haven't really seen much of Grodd but the little we have seen has been nothing short of spectacular , I do like the way they changed his origin and how he has a strong bond with Adam(Eobard) , and his powers are kinda new compared to what DC has done on the past . But I do hope to see more of him.

10. The Green Goblin ('Spiderman' 2002)

Ok I admit Sam Rami's Spiderman wasn't all that but Willem Dafoe compared to Dane Dehaan's performance of the Green Goblin was much better in my opinion, and his plan was much better even though the audience knew Spidey wouldn't join him in the plan to take over New York . But never the less he was an amazing Villian .

Honorable Mentions

When I say honorable I mean these Villians are so good it's next to impossible to rank them by number , or even figure out who is better .

The Joker ('The Dark Knight' 2008)

Heath Ledger, The Joker , the man with the plan, a trickster ,no one more dastardly, or psychopathic . He is one of the smartest , unpredictable made men we've seen and can ever see , and he has made the joker what he is , born to play it . Live by the joke you die by the joke .

Captain Cold ( 'Flash' 2014 - present)

Captain Cold has been resigned through the CW's 'Flash'. He is the coolest and coldest villian on TV (ok I'm sorry im done with the bad puns .) What we have seen so far has been AWESOME ! With the upcoming episode of Flash coming up things are getting a whole lot Awesomer.

Loki( 'Avengers' 2012)

Loki , the original Trickster , he was a great antagonist for the Avengers , and the whole theory about him losing on purpose makes it even better( Through this movie his plan was great and let's admit, Hulk smashing him was pretty funny.

The Trickster ('Flash' 2014 - Present)

Speaking of Tricksters, Mark Hamill's performance was amazing , especially for a grand return , nothing better than seeing the originals come back to life, and spread fun and joy to people with "nice" drinks.

So who has the best villain? Or more so who is the best villain? You decide.

And Just remember without the villains , our heroes would be out of business.


Who is the best?


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