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Ryan Reynolds stars as Jerry, a seemingly simple and friendly guy who's hiding more than just a couple of skeletons in his closet. Life is almost too good for Jerry, his best friends are his pets Bosco and Mr Whiskers whom of which Reynolds also voices and there's a new romantic interest for Jerry at work, but after an uneventful night, Jerry "accidentally" murders his new found love and proceeds to keep her head in his fridge.

"The Voices" is a psychopathic character study where the story is told from the point of view of the serial killer played by Ryan Reynolds, who is only getting more talented with age.

Marjane Satropi is the maniac behind this colorful, lively and frankly f**ked up horror/comedy that unfortunately fails to deliver on both those genres. "The Voices" neither delivers scares nor laughs but instead will leave you with a puzzled face expression and a upturned stomach. What "The Voices" does do well is showcase Ryan Reynolds' talent. Reynolds is an actor that I've admired for years, especially for his excellent performance in "Buried", but this is unlike you've ever seen him before. He's timid, innocent yet also a completely bat shit crazy murderer who believes the heads in his fridge are actually his friends.

Satropi brings a cartoonish humor to the film which makes the entire thing even more unsettling. The film isn't funny per say, its just incredibly odd....imagine if Wes Anderson and Tim Burton had a baby, and then that baby grew up, got clinically depressed and tripped on acid. You might get a movie similar to "The Voices".

Jerry is a psychiatric patient who is refusing to take his pills because when he does take them, the voices disappear and reality hits him square in the nuts, he's a murderer who keeps the heads of co-workers in his fridge, but if he doesn't take his pills then he's simply expanding his friendship group. His evil cat Mr Whiskers tells Jerry to go out and kill, because deep down its what he really wants. His dog on the other hand is the voice of reason, telling Jerry that he's a good guy, he's just made a few mistakes.

Gemma Arterton (Quantum Of Solace), Anna Kendrick (Into The Woods) and Jackie Weaver (Silver Linings Playbook) co star in the film as the women in Jerry's life, two of which get brutally beheaded "accidentally" by Jerry.

The comedy of the film is very hit and miss, you might just depends how mentally unstable you are. The best humor comes from Jerry's pets who constantly bicker about Jerry's sticky situation.

The film is gory, incredibly odd and unfortunately very uneven but Reynolds truly elevates the film, giving a light but layered performance which is a must see for fans of his.


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