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Tony Stark and James Rhodes walk off a small private plane in the South of France. It is dark (a few hours before dawn) and the Airfield is a private one, previously owned by Howard Stark during WWII.

"Are you sure Jarvis is right about the signal coming from Monaco?" asked Rhodey, looking nervously around the airfield. He is brandishing an M9 Beretta as they walk towards a car parked in the distance.

As they reach the car (a 2008 Mercedes Benz S550) Happy Hogan emerges from the driver's side. "Hey Boss, Where to?" he asked patiently.

'We're going to Monaco Happy and we're going to keep it on the down low," answers Tony looking at his Patek Phillippe watch.

"Yeah, I'm sure this Mercedes will blend in," replies Rhodey smiling.

"Actually, In Monaco, We'll fit right in Rhodey," answers Tony, giving Rhodey a smirk.

It was only a 25 minute drive from Nice to Monaco and it passed without incident.

Once they arrived in town, Tony placed an ear bud in his right ear, handing one to Rhodey. "Can you hear us Jarvis?" asked Tony softly to which was the reply...

"Loud and clear Sir."

"Do you have the Laptop Happy?" asked Tony.

"Right here Boss," replied Happy, opening the laptop.

"Jarvis," stated Tony. "Show us the source of that hacking signal," he added.

a map pulled up on the laptop, zooming in to Southern France, to Monaco and finally to a small building just east of the City near the Italian Border.

'What is that Jarvis?" asked Tony

"It is a building owned by a corporation known as Advanced Idea Mechanics- more commonly referred to as A.I.M. Sir," answered Jarvis.

"AIM?" repeated Tony. "Why does that name sound so..." suddenly his mind flashes back to a business card he was handed by a young man named Killian. The card said Advanced Idea Mechanics. The entire flashback plays out in Tony's mind. Suddenly he realizes who's behind this and what he did to provoke all of it.

"How exactly are we going to get into that place Tony?" asked Rhodey, bringing Tony's mind back to the present.

"Easy," answers Tony smiling. "I gave them my suits... but I didn't give them ALL my Toys," he adds.


Rhodey shakes his head laughing softly. "So, What's the plan? drive up to the front gate and wave at the cameras?" he asked jokingly.

"Nope," replies Tony. "I've got an even better plan than that..."

Stay tuned for part 3 (the conclusion) of Iron Man 3: Retconned!


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