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After Four Transformers movies, one Pacific Rim film and an Independence Day sequel in the works I can't help but thinking that now is the time for Robotech! I mean we are living in an age that literally anything is possible on film. So my question is why are we still waiting? I understand there's a bit of a copyright mess in terms of the movie rights but that shouldn't be a problem for a big movie studio. ::Hint hint Disney:: I mean what's not to love? Its a War story with plenty of songs and a love triangle. ::So basically Mulan with giant aliens:: So to save the mouse some time I took the liberty of casting what I believe would be an awesome Robotech film.

Rick Hunter

Ricks the hero of the story. He's a flying circus pilot who gets caught up in the middle of a war between the New Robotech government and a Race of giant aliens known as the Zentraedi. He becomes a combat pilot soon after the war begins saving the life of a famous pop singer during the first invasion. As just a normal guy we are supposed to see the invasion through his eyes.

I think Logan Lerman from the Percy Jackson series would rock that role. He's very talented without being uber good looking. This guy looks like about five guys I went to high school with. And that who Rick Hunter is. Just a normal guy.

Lisa Hayes

The daughter of an Admiral in the Robotech defence Force. Lisa qickly rose through the ranks at Robotech Academy finding herself the first officer of the SDF1. The flagship of the whole UN Spacy fleet. She is young but as tough as nails. With a family history of long military service.

Danielle Panabaker was born for this role. She's the star of movies like Skyhigh and the new Friday the 13th. Danielle has shown us already that she can play all business as she is currently playing Dr. Caitlin Snow on the CW's Flash series.

Lynn Minmay

Linn Minmay is the soul of Robotech. A pop singer trapped in a three quarter mile space ship with over 30,000 refugees. It's her singing the begins to turn the hearts of the Waring Zentraedi and wins the war with a song.

Liu Yifei from film like the Forbidden Kingdom and The Four. I honestly have no Idea if this girl speaks a world of English but she looks the part and is age appropriate. Sorry I honestly know nothing about Chinese actresses but I did love Forbidden Kingdom. And theoretically she'd be perfect for the Role.

Roy Fokker

More like a big brother to Rick then a friend. Learning to fly at Rick's family flying circus only to leave to help the War effort. Roy is a charismatic leader of the famed Skull Squadron and combat veteran of the Global Civil war.

Alexander Skarsgard from Battleship and True blood. He's a charismatic good looking guy. As Eric Northmen this guy was bad ass and as Roy Fokker this guy should be Epic!

Max Sterling

The SDF1 ace pilot who falls in love with an alien who trys to kill him. Also one of Rick Hunters best friends.

My pick for Max is Thomas McDonnell from the CW's The 100. I've been watching this guy for a little while. I think he do an outstanding job is Max Sterling.

Okay thats my casting for Robotech let me know what you think below. All while I wait for my check from Disney.


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