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Netflix MyList currently has 196 items on it. Most of which, I couldn't tell you where I heard of them, but! I do intend to watch them all.
Erika Barrett

If you haven't heard of it yet, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is one of Netflix new Streaming Original Series. Ellie Kemper is a joy to watch as Kimmy, a kidnap/cult survivor who is refusing to live as a victim. Kimmy moves to New York City with just a backpack, some cash, and an unbelievable spirit. She is determined to make a life of her own.

The ongoing optimism and general naivete is simultaneously hilarious and touching. The case is rounded out by Jane Krakowski as the over privileged attention starved Mrs. Voorhees; Tituss Burgess as the out of work actor with dreams of fame and stardom, Tituss; and Carole King as one crazypants landlord.

The theme song is incredibly catchy. Each episode shares another milestone in Kimmy's new life. There are 13 currently available on Netflix and each one gets better than the last.

My pick for best episode? Episode 7: Kimmy Goes to a Party.
From the DIY Makeover to the replacement run of curse words to the shame puppet. This one stood out.

Have you watched Kimmy yet? If so, what was your favorite?

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