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Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey used to be in a band. He played several gigs with Lost in Kostko through 2012 before they broke-up without explanation.

Late last year, Posey started playing again. He revived the old Lost in Kostko YouTube channel and started posting videos. “Music for Your Ears to Bleed To” is a mix of covers from his favorite pop/punk bands, original compositions and even a cover of the Beatles’ Blackbird.

The latest evolution of Posey’s musical aspirations came Sunday night as he took to Stageit for a live streaming concert. Dressed in plaid pajamas and a loose-fitting flannel shirt, Posey played an acoustic guitar and sang for about an hour. The concert included mainly covers - Molly from his former band Lost in Kostko as well as Echosmith, Good Charlotte, Bayside, Blink 182 and an aborted attempt at Sum 41.

He also did a number of original compositions. “One of her last requests was that I write a song for her,” he explained before launching into a unnamed tribute to his mother. “It’s hard, hard to sing that one.”

Posey also sang a recently completed break-up song that more than a few fans believe is about the end of his engagement to his long-time girlfriend Seana Gorlick. “It’s about falling in love and then the love dies… it doesn’t die, it’s just… you guys get it. It’s a sad song,” he explained.

Posey’s voice is well suited to the pop/punk genre he loves but his overall performance was shaky at best. His voice broke, he was off-key and he forgot the words or the chords more than once. But, you know what? Not a single person among the hundreds of fans who tuned in cared one wit about any of that.

The thing about this show, about all of his latest musical endeavors, is just how much fun it is to hang with Posey. His sheer joy at playing and the happiness it brings him is infectious. You can’t help but like Posey because you know Posey likes you enough to bare his soul through his music. “This is one of my biggest passions ever, music. I can’t thank you enough for all the support,” he said while closing out the set. “I’m busy with my other job but I’m going to try to balance both.”

You can hear more music from Tyler Posey on his YouTube Channel and in his new Podcast.


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