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Remember the big Sony hacks that happened a few months back? Details arose during that time about a possible Fantastic Four and X-Men team up movie.

In one of the hacked e-mails, it was mentioned that Simon Kinberg—the worldbuilder for FOX's Marvel endeavors—had expressed plans to possibly establish a "shared cinematic universe" for FOX Studios with their X-Men franchise and Fantastic Four.

The rumor of that crossover from the email dovetails quite nicely with a small bit of info that Kinberg sheepishly divulged to Entertainment Weekly in an interview earlier this year:

“The reboot of ‘FanFour’ really needed to work in and of itself. We were doing something pretty radical with the tone of the movie. If we wanted to find a way to connect them to the X-Men, we could. There’s a lot of precedent from the comics.”

The hacked emails also detailed a Spider-Man cameo in Captain America: Civil War, and as we all know, Sony and Marvel eventually struck a deal to fold Spider-Man into the MCU. That Spider-Man cameo rumor from the hacks sort of turned out to be true, so what of this Fantastic Four/X-Men team up rumor?

Mystique and Invisible Woman in the same movie?!
Mystique and Invisible Woman in the same movie?!

Well, a script for [The Fantastic Four](movie:34667) had recently surfaced online that supposedly detailed the entire plot, including a nod to a possible X-Men crossover. The original post with the leaked script has since been removed from its original source, but I've copied an extensive summary of the script below. If you're not fond of reading all the plot details, the bit regarding the X-Men crossover is at the very end of the summary.

WARNING: Potential Spoilers Ahead!

Reed Richards and Ben Grimm are childhood friends and Reed’s experiments with teleportation by transporting objects through the N-Zone [this] attracts the attention of the Baxter Building. He’s recruited by Dr. Franklin Storm and befriends his children, biologist Sue Storm and pilot Johnny Storm. Reed is then partnered with Victor Domashed, an anti-social programmer from war-torn Latveria to build a Quantum Gate to access the N-Zone.

Once the gate is completed, Reed, Sue, Johnny, Victor and three other astronauts perform a successful teleportation test, during which brief disruptions are created. Reed theorizes the N-Zone affects both time and space, and the disruptions are a result of a portal being open to it. The cycle needs to be completed to close the portal.

Reed invites Ben to the first real test of the N-Zone, but Victor changes the coordinates without Reed knowing, wanting to push the experiment further, and leaves the team stranded in the N-Zone, where they are exposed to unknown energies. They manage to make it back to the portal, and Ben jumps into the threshold to pull Reed out and is exposed to the energies as well.

Reed becomes able to stretch his body, Sue can become invisible and project force fields, Johnny can burst into flames, Ben becomes a rock monster and Victor is left disfigured and obsessed with the answers the N-Zone may yield. The other astronauts lose control of their powers and die.

Government operative Harvey Elder volunteers to fund Reed’s attempt to find a cure, and Reed develops containment suits to help the Four deal with their powers. Eventually, they find out the government wants to weaponize their powers and exploit the Quantum Gate to create supersoldiers, which they disagree with.

Victor has developed technopathy and engineers a breakout from the Baxter Building’s medical ward and makes his way to the defunct Quantum Gate. The others try to stop him, but he jumps into it and disappears. Elder has the Quantum Gate destroyed, tearing a hole in the space-time continuum that threatens to unravel the entire planet. As the disruptions grow worse, Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben escape with Franklin’s help, steal an airplane and make their way to the Amazons, where the hole is located, to jump into the N-Zone and seal it off from the inside at the expense of their own lives with a machine Reed has created.

Arriving there, they are confronted by Victor, who has experienced years inside the N-Zone harnessing its power. Now calling himself Doctor Doom and viewing himself as above the human race, he tries to convince the Four to join him in his efforts to take over the planet, but they refuse and fight Doom to a standstill.

Reed finds out Victor has built a makeshift Quantum Gate to explore other realities. After Victor disappears in one of the disruptions and the Four seal the portal, they manage to time jump to five seconds after they went through the portal and destroy the Quantum Gate, ending the disruptions and saving the planet.

They are captured by Elder, but bargain to assist the government in developing new medical technologies, and implying they’ll fight back against the government’s attempts to make them weapons. In exchange, Elder declares the Baxter Building self-reliant and is appointed as the team’s liaison with the military. Reed designs new suits for the team and even sketches a “FantastiCar”. He develops a relationship with Sue, while Johnny and Ben also become good friends.

In an after-credits scene, Victor emerges in Latveria and plans to take over.

Stan Lee cameos as a man whose car is pulled into the N-Zone and left behind after Reed seals the portal.

Doom references Galactus, Annihilus and the X-Men while talking about the things he’s seen in other worlds and universes.

If all of the above is legit, the premise of the reboot seems solid. Obviously one can't garner tone, pacing, etc. from simply reading a summary, but the teaser footage combined with all the alleged plot info makes it seem like Fantastic Four is shaping up to be a sure-fire sucker punch to all the naysayers.

Having the X-Men films take place in an alternate/parallel universe is a relatively organic and natural way to tie-in the already well established franchise to a fresh Fantastic Four universe, what with the titular heroes already traversing the Negative Zone; it just makes sense, right?

I'd see an X-Men/FF movie with that cast—Would you?
I'd see an X-Men/FF movie with that cast—Would you?

X-Men: Apocalypse has also cast several young actors to portray its core lineup, presumably so that they can play their characters for multiple films. Maybe a few of those movies will be X-Men/Fantastic Four crossovers? It's possible, seeing as how everything is getting a shared cinematic universe these days.

That said, based on the leaked summary it seems like Trank and Kinberg could be taking the Snyder/Goyer/DC approach to superhero crossovers, i.e. drop easter eggs throughout the first film (like Man of Steel did) that can serve as a launching pad for future crossovers as opposed to going all out with post-credit stingers like the MCU.

Or who knows, maybe we'll actually see Hugh Jackman's Wolverine or Michael Fassbender's Magneto at some point during/after Fantastic Four (yes please).

Either way, I'm all for more cinematic comic book worldbuilding. The more, the better! What do you think though?


Are you burned out on the idea of shared cinematic universes?


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