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You know how some movies set the tone right from the first few minutes or seconds? "Birdmnan" starts with Michael Keaton floating in a meditation stance in his underwear or "V for Vendetta" starts with Evey reciting the "Remember, remember..." speech, well "Magic Boys" had me confused and laughing right from the first few seconds. It starts with Terence (played by Michael Madsen) in a dining hall tasting and smelling yogurts and breaking bowls and cups because the milk wasn't goats milk because he's lactose intolerant. OK, you have drawn me in, what else do you have for me?

The movie is about a couple of dancers that disappear outside of Terence's London club and he needs to find some replacements fast. But you could have read that synopsis in the the back of the DVD case or on IMDB. What they won't tell you is the dancers are exotic dancers and the exotic dancers are male. A let me tell you, that little surprise was worth the laugh when I realized it was to guys dancing on the stage. I don't care who you are, seeing a guy wearing a sparkling glittering cowboy hat is hilarious.While it was pretty obvious that there was bound to be two out of place guys who stumble into the wrong place and goofy things would happen to them and the guys they replaced would end up in a similarly silly situation, watching it unfold was definitely worth it.

The anti "Magic Mike"
The anti "Magic Mike"

"Magic Boys" is exactly what you would expect from a movie starring Michael Madsen ("Reservoir Dogs" and "Kill Bill") who plays a guy former Chippendale's Dancer turned club owner and Vinnie Jones (Snatch and "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels") playing a crime boss of sorts. Vinnies Jones plays a ruthless bastard of a person who occasionally makes a joke at the right time so he doesn't seem like a total jerk wad. Madsen is perfect as an older and retired dancer that is acting like a tough old grizzled man. While they are both good and respected actors, you aren't watching them in a movie called "Diamond Heist" and expecting them to put on a performance worthy of the Oscars (then again, does anyone really care about that show anymore?). It was an insanely fun and entertaining watch.

Rating: 4.0

I try my best not to completely crap on the things that I review because everyone loves things for different reasons. So, allow me to break the movie down like this.

If you are looking for a fun weekend movie while you have been drinking solo or with your friends or just happen to come across it, it's totally worth watching. If you happen to be at Redbox and looking for something to rent or if you can find it inexpensive, get it. The comedy isn't obvious and in your face all the time. It's very dry at times, but if you enjoy dry humor, you'll enjoy the movie. The two "losers" who ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time and end up becoming "Magic Boys" are absolutely hilarious. They seem to have been born to play roles like this. When they are on the screen and are up to their hijinx, you won't go without smiling.

BUT, the story can be a bit all over the place at times and some of the side stories did seem a bit unnecessary, but it wasn't so bad or pointless that it'll make you want to turn the movie off. The best part is that even though the movie does seem to be a bit all over, everything does connect. So stick with it. his movie is not Shakespeare, it's a decent movie, but nothing that will make you change the way you feel about anyone involved with it one way or another. Best advice, sit back, watch the movie, and enjoy the shenanigans and the comedy and the few surprises.

If you've seen the movie and have something to add, tell me in the comments. If you have an opinion on my review in general, leave a comment.


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