ByPaul Hollingsworth, writer at

Even cosplayers wonder... What if my favorite superheroes were ladies? So I assembled Hollywood's finest. Let's start with Tony Stark.

Sandra Bullock- She's brilliant, charming and is worth $125 million, Sandra Bullock is the real life Tony Stark. She’s can play action or comedy with grace, charm and panache. The only thing she’s missing is the body armor.

She's already an American Idol, Carrie Underwood is America. Why not Cpt. America?

Next up... the blonde bombshell from Asgard- Thor.

Amber is beautiful, funny and lights up the screen, she would make the perfect Thor.

Jennifer is a trained archer, winner of the hunger games and always ready to fire back an

I could watch Melissa McCarthy get angry any day of the week. She's got great comedic timing and so much energy she would be perfect for the HULK.

Angelina Jolie as Loki. Beautiful, athletic and knows how to rock a pair of horns. If her role in Malificent has proven anything it’s the ability to generate sympathy for a villain.


Would you watch an all female Avengers movie?


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