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So I have been curious about the Big Hero 6 movie for quite some time. I finally sat down with my daughter today to watch it. She is 2 so she will watch anything cartoon like, but this movie was more for me to watch then her.

If you haven't seen the movie then stop reading because there will be spoilers!

First off, the movie started off great! Hilarious from start to near finish (because it gets serious in the last few minutes). Secondly the bond that Hiro (the main character) and his brother Tadashi is a strong bond that most close siblings can relate to. The death of Tadashi was very touching and anyone who has lost a sibling or loved one can really relate to how Hiro felt afterwards. Baymax is hilarious in this movie. At first he is completely awkward, but it makes it ten times funnier. Then comes the hero part! Hiro is on a mission to find out who killed his brother and avenge him. This movie had me laughing and almost crying on some scenes. The scene where Baymax sacrifices his life to save Hiro was just touching. Great, great movie.

I rated this movie 9.7 only because don't know what a perfect 10 would be. The movie was so great I didn't notice my daughter had fallen asleep next to me while we were watching the movie.


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