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For my tv reviews, I have decided to give them all a trial period. I want to know what reviews are more popular so I can replace the disliked content with something more interesting. Each review has 1 week to get 100 reads or I will stop reviewing the tv show. My read average is over three times as much as the deadline so I don't think I'm being harsh. Also, shows that I am just beginning to review will also get a two week chance. Last week's review of Once Upon A Time has under 20 reads so I doubt I will be reviewing this again.

Rumpel interrogates Gold, Ursula's backstory is revealed and we finally learn the location of the author. Ursula hasn't really had any development, she just came out of the blue (ocean) and the only other time she showed was this golden freaky thing that was mad at Regina for impersonating her.

Urusla and her father Poseidon feels a little bit like a rip-off of Ariel and Neptune but having parallels with your arch-nemesis is the logical norm. She has a story of tragedy and you feel really sorry for her. Her mother dies and the only thing she has left is her beautiful singing voice. Her father uses that voice to lure pirates to their death because pirates killed his wife.

Hook agrees to take Ursula away from her home but is confronted by Poseidon who offers him a way to beat Rumpel and in turn Hook will use a magic shell to take away Ursula's voice which will stop her from leaving. At first, Hook refuses to do it but realises that Ursula will never be able to leave and has to take away her voice to stop Poseidon using it to kill more people. You understand where all three parties are coming from and it is very tough to pick a side.

Ursula defies Poseidon and uses his trident to turn into an octopus lady and leaves him. Like I said, we needed this person's backstory and this is definitely a good one. I'm very curious what Cruella's story is, all we know is that she has the power to control dogs. Ursula's redemption at the end of the episode and the return of her voice is very heart-warming and she chooses to join the good side by returning to her guilt-ridden father. Well, 1 down, 2 to go.

For all that Hook has done in the present, Ursula reveals Rumpel's plan. The Author can't change people's fate, only the saviour can, Emma. To give the author the power of people's fate, Rumpel plans to corrupt Emma's heart, permanently. We know that won't happen. Even if it did it would be temporary.

So Rumpel tortures August/Pinnochio in a strangely similar fashion to when the guys in Family Guy put a fan above Quagmire's genitals. August reveals the Sorcerer trapped the author behind the door depicted in the page that Regina found. We don't want Rumpel finding the author but we also want Regina finding him so them working together is going to complicate things.

After Emma and Snow break into the cabin and rescue August, he reveals the location of the door. The author is trapped within the book. Oh this makes so much sense, why didn't I see that coming? I just love the way this story is going, we're in for a good finale.

This was a great episode. We finally got some character development with Ursula and also was given a satisfactory send off for her character. Next episode still isn't about Cruella, where are the doggies?! Show me the doggies! Well, we get to learn how Malificent lost her child, that's something I guess. I want my doggies!


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