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Welcome to The Web, where we will be doing an "autopsy" of sorts, to delve into each one of Spiderman's worst enemies. We will dig deep into the background of the villain, give insight on what role they played in the comic books, what roles they might play in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and who might play them, among many other things.

So without further ado, welcome to The Web.



This week, we delve into the life of Alistair Smythe. Alistair Smythe was a child when his father started creating the "Spider Slayers," which were robotic creatures designed to, of course, hunt down and kill Spiderman. Alistair's father, Spencer, created the initial generation of Slayers, which we're commissioned by our very own James Jonah Jameson. Spencer created the slayers due to J. J. Jameson, and the bad reputation his newspaper, The Daily Bugle, gave to out hero, and then created the Slayers to please Jameson. The Slayers were initially designed to sense and track spiders, and Spiderman, with the genetics of a spider, counted. Jameson himself actually controlled the Slayer, and eventually, Spiderman found himself being chased around by a robotic spider-type creation with Jameson's face on the LED front. The Slayer failed to capture Spidey, because Spider-man left his suit, wrapped in webs, where it could mislead the Slayer. Spencer Smythe became obsessed in catching Spidey after the failure of the first Slayer, and turned to crime to help him finance his experiments on the next generation of the robotic Slayers. Each Slayer created by Spencer got beaten by Spiderman, because each robot had a different flaw that was utilized by Peter Parker to beat them.

Spencer Smythe's life of crime ended when the radioactive chemicals he worked with poisoned him, and he was doomed to have a slow, painful death. Thus, in comes Alistair Smythe, our main focus point. Alistair decided to carry on his father's work, and he created more, more advanced, Slayers. His initial attempt to capture Spiderman was thwarted by non other than his own blunder. He succeeded in capturing Mary Jane Watson, Spiderman's girlfriend, and Spiderman came in and beat Alistair.

Alistair was then confined to an asylum, where he recruited several other inmates, and they escaped to create more powerful Slayers. In order to destroy Spiderman after several attempts, he created a body suit for himself, and donned the name "Ultimate Spider Slayer." This suit allowed him to rise from the wheelchair he was confined to for years, by supporting his spine and legs. Eventually, Spiderman defeated Alistair, and the other inmates, and put them back into a high security prison. Alistair, having used the suit enough, now had the ability to walk on his own, so he didn't need his wheelchair any longer.

Alistair escaped once again from prison, and, in a better suit of armor than before, began to hunt down the family and friends of J. J. Jameson, and spiderman, to avenge his father's death. He coerced Jameson to write false tales in the Bugle or else he would kill Jameson's wife and son. Spiderman caught on to Smythe, and followed him to the Bugle, where he was assaulted by Smythe, and far more powerful recreations of every Spider Slayer ever created.

Their battle eventually brought them to an oceanfront, where Smythe died to Spiderman's hands, and his body was washed away.

MCU Role:

Alistair is truly a fierce opponent, and by far one of Spiderman's most dreaded opponent, with ruthless killing machines at his side, a father's inheritance to finance him, and eventually, his own armored suit to combat our web-slinging hero. If Alistair starred in a Spiderman movie, it would definitely be a longer movie if they did it right, with a lot of intense action sequences between Spiderman and the Slayers, and Spiderman vs. Smythe himself. Other villains who might be in that movie would be Doctor Octopus, who allied with Smythe temporarily to battle Spidey, and Scorpion, who did the same.

Who would play Alistair?

Now, there are several actors who i would choose to play Alistair Smythe initially, but there are also a lot i want to just see in another movie. Alistair was a middle-aged man, so that rules out several actors, and he would need to be played by a very talented actor, due to the complex backstory and role of Alistair himself. So my choice for the actor to play Alistair Smythe is Edward Burns.

Edward Burns
Edward Burns

Edward Burns is a handsome, talented actor, perfect for the role of Alistair Smythe. His role as Private Richard Reiben in Saving Private Ryan was critically acclaimed, and his other roles, such as George in 27 Dresses and Uncle Terry in Nice Guy Johnny recieved the same critical praise. Edward as Alistair Smythe would be an incredible sight to see on the big screen, and I personally couldn't do a better casting job for this role if i tried.

If you have any ideas as to who could be cast as Alistair Smythe, feel free to leave a comment down below, and if you have feedback, do the same. If you want more of The Web, feel free to drop a follow so you get the next post as soon as it's published!

Thank you again for reading, and i'll see you next time on The Web.


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