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When I was in college, I had experienced every struggle that a normal college student could ever think of; working essay on time, extra-curricular activities, reviewing subjects and the list goes on, I surpass all of those conflicts along the way. Some films had a knack in bringing out the nostalgic memories of being a student. It is really enjoyable to watch an inspirational film about the student's struggles. Nowadays, filmmakers having a hard time to create a high class drama. Hoping there's a lot more to come this year.

My two best films that you need to watch

Finding Forrester (2000)

This film was directed by Gus Van Sant. The story was about the novelist named Forrester ( Sean Connery). He hasn't written anything since the last book that he was published, which was written 40 years ago. That book has received a ton of awards. Jamal a student who had an ambition to become a good writer become Forrester's friend. Forrester helps Jamal to improve his writing skill.

Jamal professor's Mr. Crawford (Professor who had an insecurity with Jamal's ability to be an effective writer, and afraid that Jamal might surpass his works). Jamal struggles at his class every day. He questioned his ability at all to be part of the elite class, yet our protagonist didn't allow his professor mock him just like that. In return professor Crawford accused Jamal of plagiarism. An accusation that might lead to expel the student from his class.

My favorite scene.

In Jamal English class. Professor Crawford wanted to know why Mr. William Forester didn't write another book besides the only award winning book. Little did he know that Jamal friend was Mr. Forester. Jamal tried to find the answer for him, but the old man didn't tell him so. Everybody has a past that we wanted to bury deep in the depth of the deepest sea, right? That's exactly the reason why Mr. Forrester wanted to forget about that certain book that he wrote. His painful past was connected to that book, so he wanted to forget it, even if it has had a deeper value to his readers, to Jamal.

Crawford wanted Jamal out of the university. The heartbreaking part was when professor Crawford wanted Jamal out of the university ( how can a poor guy in an elite university find some love?) Then Mr. Forrester to the rescue had told everyone how smart Jamal was. He spoke in front of the meeting hall with the university officials, bragging about Jamal's writing.

A very heartwarming film. Sean Connery does a great job in his performances. What I love the most is the screenplay. It was all original. Truly Van Sant's another masterpiece. I always like self-discovery movies, because they inspire every college students to discover themselves. To feel important - in a good way, of course.

Scent of a Woman (1992)

For me all of Al Pacino's movies are worth watching. And here's another one. Scent of a Woman was about a poor college student named Charlie. Badly needing a money, he looks for a job during the Thanksgiving weekend. He got one. Charlie becomes a caretaker of a blind, retired army colonel Frank Slade (played by Al Pacino). He hasn't got a clue that this colonel has a notorious wishlist. First, Frank wanted to visit his family in New York, then sleep with a beautiful woman then finally commit a suicide.

In New York, Frank teaches Charlie a way of life. As an old veteran who almost know the "ups and downs" and "twist and turns" of life. Charlie learns a lot. From being a boy he becomes half a man. Life experience is the best education that Frank offers to Charlie.

I find Frank the saddest person alive ( I guess that's exactly the reason why he wanted to commit suicide). After touring New York, he's now back to his lonely house. Sad and alone.

My favorite scene.

On Charlie's school disciplinary trial. It was on the climax of the story. The trial was against the rich students who was blaming him and letting him say that he did it ( the gag that the rich students did to one of their professors). The punishment would be expulsion to the school. He was on the edge. He wasn't able to defend himself because the trial was totally biased. They favored the four "rich" students. Charlie was surprised by the Frank presence during the hearing. Profound dialogue and speech from Frank saves him from that trial.

These two are effective films for the source of inspiration, plus the fact that it was entertaining. After watching these, it makes me feel that life is wonderful enough to enjoy. It makes me feel fresh and light to appreciate the life itself. Definitely a must watch.


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