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Welcome to Top 11, where every week i will be making a top 11 list of something, which is entirely up to you. People ask me why I do a top 11, not 10. Well it's simple. i like to go one step further. There will be a poll in the bottom of each list every week, and your vote will decide what next week's list will be! This list is ENTIRELY opinion based, so if you have your own list of top 10 or 11 favorite ERB, then comment down below so i can get some feedback! Lets get the ball rolling!

Number 11: John Lennon vs. Bill O'Reilly

Kicking off our list is the ERB that started it all. John Lennon vs. Bill O'Reilly was the very first Rap Battle, and it started the ever-growing community of the ERB channel. there are 51 total ERB, but this is the one that began the entire thing, and for that reason alone, this ERB makes number 11.

Number 10: Adam vs. Eve

Adam vs. Eve. What a concept. The first man vs the first woman. It's such a simple idea, but the vicious jibes at each other throughout the rap battle, along with the innuendo's all throughout the battle makes this number 10.

Number 9: Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama

This battle was great, hands down. Granted, in real life, i'm not a fan of Obama OR Romney, but the dissing all through this fight makes this an easy choice. Obama's best line being "Republicans need a puppet, and you fit, got their hands so far up your rear, call you Mitt." Which is the PERFECT line. But what really tops this battle off is at the end of the battle, Abraham Lincoln flies in, carried by an eagle, to literally AND figuratively b*tch-smack the two battlers upside the face.

Number 8: The Wright Brothers vs. the Mario Brothers

Two famous pairs of brothers, battling it out. sounds like my family. (kidding.) How much better can you get? The reason this battle made the cut is because the fact that Rhett and Link, a pair of famous youtubers, were cast as the Wright Bros.

Number 7: Mr. T vs. Mr. Rogers

WHAT? Why is this a thing? This description is gonna be short, but i just wanna point out why this placed the list. The final diss spoken by Mr. Rogers, the one that completed the battle. "Get right back in your van, and get the f*ck out of my neighborhood." Watch the video, you'll get the context, you'll understand.

Number 6: Dr. Seuss vs. Shakespeare

So, the reason this is here is because the way it goes. Shakespeare raps first, and his rap is dull, slow, and hard to follow. When he finishes, Dr. Seuss pulls out a paintbrush, and paints the Cat in the Hat, since his throat cancer, when he lived, prevented him from talking, so his famous cat raps for him, and the Cat in the Hat goes off the hook. He absolutely shames Shakespeare and his first verse. But then, as Shakespeare says in the rap, "I'm switching up my style, like the Beatles, with my pieces," and he more than doubles the speed and intensity of his first verse, to which Dr. Seuss responds by painting in Thing One and Two to aid the Cat in finishing the battle. The video ends with Dr. Seuss closing his book like a total badass.

Number 5: Jack the Ripper vs Hannibal Lector

It's a battle between cannibals. What are you expecting? the main reason that this is on the list is 1) The idea of these two battling it out, and 2) the final verse spoken. Hannibal Lector bashes Jack by saying "Barney, take me back to solitary confinement, cause this dirty little lamb has just been silenced." Which was by far my favorite ERB line EVER.

Number 4: Goku vs. Superman

A long awaited battle between the two most loved beings in history? how the hell could i leave them out?? Goku vs. Superman has the catchiest beat behind the rap battle, and the dissing done between two is almost unrivaled. How much better can a battle between the two ultimate beings be?

Number 3: Artists vs. TMNT

This is, BY far, the biggest cast of an ERB, with 8 people rapping. The artists of the Renaissance, vs their namesakes, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Donatello, Michelangelo, Leonardo and Raphael vs themselves in a sense, and my favorite part is the fact that all 4 of the artists are played by youtubers. The owners of the channel Smosh as Raphael and Michelangelo and returning favorites, Rhett and Link as Leonardo and Donatello makes this battle oh so much better.

Number 2: Steven Spielberg vs. Alfred Hitchcock

During this battle, not only are there epic dissing stanzas but they also make several reference to Michael Bay, so that by the time he shows up at the end of the video, we are expecting him. Not only is Bay in the battle, so are Quentin Tarantino (my favorite of the 5) and Stanley Kubrick, who laid out the cards for Bay to come and flip the table.

Well, we're finally there. The ULTIMATE ERB!!

Number 1: Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates

This battle is unforgettable. Steve Jobs starts off strong by interrupting the intro to the video, and he strikes hard. The two go on to have a bi of calm banter, then Jobs goes back in hard. Soon after, Jobs "passes away" and Gates proclaims himself as a God, and then a surprise guest comes in to wreck shop. Hal9000 from 2001: a Space Odyssey comes in to absolutely lay down the law, flatten Gates, and end the rap with a single badass line. Not to mention, the beat is insanely catchy.

So that is the Top 11 ERB! Tell me your opinions in the comments, and vote for next weeks Top 11 in the poll below!


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