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Game Theory is yet to release their ideas for what's going on in Five Nights At Freddy's 3 so I thought I'd share my own thoughts for the time being. I love this series and there is nothing more that I love about this series than it's plot. It is mysterious, it has some assembly required and even with the series over, there are some questions left.

The identity of the Purple Guy is one of the biggest mysteries in the series. Everything else seems to have been uncovered except this. Has Scott Cawthon already revealed his identity? Let's found out.

Before we begin, we will have to make a big assumption. Without this assumption, we would have no hope in ever founding out the Purple Guy's identity. We will have to assume that the Purple Guy is actually someone we already know. Scott may have just created him without the intention of ever revealing an identity. For the sake of the article, I have rounded up a list of suspects:

  • Mike Schmidt
  • The Phone Guy
  • Jeremy Fitzgerald
  • Fritz Smith
  • Phone guy from FNAF 3
  • Security guard from FNAF 3

To get some substance on this case, I will eliminate a few obvious suspects. Both characters from FNAF 3 cannot be the Purple Guy because they are alive a couple of decades after Purple Guy's death and the security guard has been with Spingtrap.

Due to Game Theory's FNAF 2 video, there is a lot of popularity towards the Phone Guy being the Purple Guy. What if I told you he isn't? There are two pieces of evidence that prove that he can't be Purple Guy. For one, Phone Guy is aware of the danger that the Springtrap suit presents and would never step inside of it, unlike Purple Guy.

Uh, hello? Hello, hello! Uh, there's been a slight change of company policy concerning use of the suits. Um, don't. After learning of an unfortunate incident at a sister location, involving multiple and simultaneous spring lock failures, the company has deemed the suits temporarily unfit for employees. Safety is our top priority at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, which is why the classic suits are being retired to an appropriate location, while being looked at by our technician.

We also know how both of them died. Phone Guy was killed by an animatronic on night 4 of the first game and Purple Guy was crushed by the Springtrap suit.

Hello, hello? Hey! Hey, wow, day 4. I knew you could do it.
Uh, hey, listen, I may not be around to send you a message tomorrow. It's-It's been a bad night here for me. Um, I-I'm kinda glad that I recorded my messages for you uh, when I did.
Uh, hey, do me a favour. Maybe sometime, uh, you could check inside those suits in the back room? I'm gonna to try to hold out until someone checks. Maybe it won’t be so bad. Uh, I-I-I-I always wondered what was in all those empty heads back there.
You know...oh, no -

Now that's settled.

That leaves us with the security guards. We know that Jeremy Fitzgerald was the victim of the bite of '87 so I don't see him killing any children any time soon. That leaves us with Mike Schmidt, the security guard from FNAF and Fritz Smith, the security guard from the custom night of FNAF 2. Unfortunately, I can't find any evidence that proves that one of them is Purple Guy so we will have to do some detective work.

After some thought, my money is on Fritz Smith. This guy is so shady, the first day he shows up it takes place on a Sunday, he tampers with the animatronics and it is a day after the place closes. Why do all of this? The criminal always returns to the scene of the crime.

Not so sure? Let's ask Purple Guy himself, Springtrap. There is something different about him compared to the other animatronics. Instead of relying on jumpscares, he taunts you. He stares into your window and does nothing, he knows your powerless. He's savouring every moment. The other animatronics don't think rationally, they rush into it and just jump at you. They're scared of failure Springtrap is not.

That's where Mike Schmidt and Fritz Smith are different. Mike is afraid. He is constantly checking the cameras and the lights, he dreads what's waiting for him. Right on his first day, Fritz changes all the animatronics to maximum difficulty and goes about it like it's no biggy. He's experienced.

Purple Guy also killed all of the animatronics without hesitation, he was brave, just like Fritz. Yet, Purple Guy shies away at the Puppet. In FNAF 2, no matter how good you are at the game, you will never master the Puppet. He completely depends on how occupied you are, you have no control. Fritz knows that and so does Purple Guy.

You know, it's funny. Something is still bothering me, itching at the back of my brain, telling me I am wrong. Fritz only shows up one day and is never seen again. Why did he just go one day? Perhaps he just has a lot of balls.

Purple Guy was someone who has been around since the very start. Watching over everything that was going on. The only person that fits this description is Phone Guy and we've already proved it isn't him. Am I missing someone? Turns out I am.

Still haven't figured it out yet? I won't keep you waiting any longer. The Purple Guy is the CEO of Fazbear Entertainment. If you just played through this game then you wouldn't know this guy. The only time we ever get any evidence of his existence is an article shown after beating Night 6 in FNAF 2.

It's a minor setback. We are confident that we will reopen someday, even if it is with a much smaller budget.

When I finally put the pieces together, it all made sense. I'm going to tell you what happened. This man was down on his luck and desperate. He was a common customer at Freddy Fazbear's Diner. He loved the animatronic Freddy. He wanted him, he wanted the power that owning a business like this could give you. He sabotaged the business by doing the unthinkable, killing a child. Not just a child, the Puppet.

Freddy Fazbear's Diner was forced to close and the killer took the opportunity to purchase the Freddy animatronic. He started his own business and created new animatronics to start his new restaurant, Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. No one knew what he did, they all just gave away their money to a child killer for the sake of their own children's entertainment.

Things started to go wrong. The Phone Guy, who the CEO had hired as a security guard, was seeing strange things in the night. He saw a puppet. The CEO thought he was crazy at first but things were going awry. There was a rotting smell in the restaurant and the animatronics were acting weird. The CEO eventually witnessed the Puppet, he knew exactly what it was.

It got too much, it had to end. The CEO had to stop this madness, he couldn't just end the business, that would be too suspicious. He realised that the way to stop his own haunted business was doing what he did to get the business in the first place. Kill a child, in this case, kill five children. He used the popular Springtrap suit to lure the children. He could disguise himself while being capable of attracting the children to their doom.

People shrugged this off, there was less service but people were still paying attention. It got worse, the animatronics were turning vicious and the Phone Guy was starting to suspect something. In the hopes of stopping it, he moved to another location,

It was there that the CEO began realising something. The animatronics were afraid of him. Why wouldn't they be? The CEO became mad with power and made more servants by killing children and making it look like a missing persons case. This explains the toy versions and Balloon Boy. The Phone Guy didn't like the Puppet because it reminded him of the first haunting of the place, he knew there was something wrong.

Then the bite of '87 happened. The CEO had lost so much because of this one incident. The public knew there was something wrong with the place and they fled. Soon enough, he returned. This time there was only four animatronics, a broken Golden Freddy suit and no Puppet. There was the occasional hallucination of him but he didn't care. He had what he wanted.

Phone Guy was asking questions. He knew something was wrong and he confronted the CEO about it. This was a mistake. The CEO got the animatronics to kill Phone Guy so he wouldn't blab about the dark secrets the business held.

Some time later, the animatronic business was going down. Video games were becoming popular and he was going out of business. There was no way of getting out now, he had to put an end to it. He murdered all of the animatronics and sat in the back room to contemplate everything that has happened with the tool of his destruction, the Springtrap suit.

Surprise, surprise, the Puppet shows up to give him one last confrontation. After some resistance, he knew his time was up. He decided to go out his own way and jumped into the Springtrap suit to end his life.

His soul remained in that suit for a very long time. That was until the Fazbear Horror Attraction was founded. In there, he took every opportunity to give himself the entertainment he so longed. He ran towards the sound of the children, his potential victims. He stood right in front of the security guard doing nothing. Both taunting him and contemplating everything. He reminded him of his old friend, the Phone Guy. In the end, he had regrets. He doesn't want to remain in a suit for eternity, haunting people to no end.

This still leaves a few questions. Who caused the bite of '87? Who is Purple Freddy and Shadow Bonnie? The two might be a hallucination of Purple Guy. Two people that he really needs in a desperate time. One that obeys his every command while the other tries to save everyone and bring the Purple Guy to redemption. In the end, the thing you need most might just be the opposite of what you want.

As for the bite of '87, that is curious. It can't be the original animatronics because they were locked away in the backroom. That also eliminates Mangle and the Puppet. Balloon Boy doesn't go out to the party room so it can't be him. That leaves the toy versions. That would explain why they were scrapped. Toy Chica always takes off her beak when active. Why? She wants to bite you and will take off one of her own body parts to do so. I am in no way guaranteeing that Toy Chica caused the bite of '87 and it's just a theory. A game theory! Please don't sue me.

This was a long post. Hopefully it was the worth the read. Tell me your own theories, tell me how I'm wrong, bring something new to the table. Who knows? Perhaps different minds will give us something concrete about the questions that I addressed in this post. Thanks for reading!


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