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Our „Movie Director Portrait Prints“ are a very personal intend to pay tribute to some of the most brilliant and creative filmmakers in the history of cinematography. Check out a selection of them below:

Alfred Hitchcock

Martin Scorsese

David Lynch

The prints are a collaboration between Steffen Heidemann & Viktoria Klein from Stellavie (a design studio based in Hamburg, Germany) and me, Julian Rentzsch (an illustrator from Hamburg, Germany).

Being friends and sharing office space for quite a while we felt it was time to finally bring together our complementing skill sets and to explore an idea we could not shake loose. It all felt a tad unreal at first, but after sketching away a couple of thoughts, pieces quickly began falling into place and the (movie director portrait prints) project just started developing into something real and tangible.

I myself have always been into portraits and illustration techniques, but if as a team we had to boil it down to one initial reason for working on these prints, it must have been the profound love for movies and the appreciation for their makers that we all share.

Work in progress
Work in progress

We wanted to come up with something as striking as a classic movie poster, but decided to set our own course and kick it up a notch, changing focus and paying tribute to the makers behind the scenes — by showcasing their body of work, iconographic scenes from their movies and by adding a quotation that recaps their approach to filmmaking.

The production of the prints themselves was supposed to add another layer of excitement that under all circumstances had to live up to the value of the illustrations: we thoroughly compared paper stocks and printing techniques, to ultimately make the right choices. All portraits are decidedly printed in a monochromatic scale with archival quality pigment ink on a beautifully textured, acid-free paper that feels just perfectly right for the project. Editions are limited to 200 pieces, all prints are signed and numbered by hand and finished with an elegant embossing.

Photoshooting Making Off
Photoshooting Making Off

So... what will be coming next? There are already some new ideas and exciting projects we are most probably going to explore, but for sure we will be working on a new set of directors if we get the chance!

You can follow Julians work here or here and find out more about Stellavie here. You can purchase a print here.

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