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This is the general response to all the articles pertaining to:

  • Marvel comics copied more DC heroes
  • DC (and its characters) are the best comics/movies out there
  • DC cinematic universe movies will be much better than Marvel cinematic universe movies

I agree, Marvel may have copied several character traits, but they improved it so much that it has become successful on its own right. In the end, for the new generation that will gobble up what Marvel release on the big screen, who copied from whom will not matter anymore. The movies made the Marvel characters mainstream. And it also boosted the sales of its comic books, opening this media to a new generation of consumers.

Like most of you, I grew up with DC comics. Superman and Batman were my comic book heroes and I know their origin stories by heart. But I outgrew them when X-Men comics came out. After that, I never looked back. That was when? 20 year ago?

My childhood heroes.
My childhood heroes.

Three years ago, I don't even know Guardians of the Galaxy ever existed. After the movie, I began to immerse myself with past stories while subscribing to their latest comicbook adventures. I believe there's something in how Marvel approach the stories and the characters that made them closer to the audience.

Now, I have a 7 year old son who knows many Marvel superheroes thanks to the X-Men, Spider-Man and Avengers movies. I tried to let him watch Superman and Batman movies, but he just can't relate. Maybe that was my fault considering all my collections are mostly Marvel comics and movies.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe
The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Am I defending Marvel? Yes. Will I also watch DC movies? Yes, of course! It's freaking Superman vs. Batman!

Now, my thoughts about the DC Cinematic Universe approach... DC and Warner Brothers are clearly trying to catch the same lightning that Marvel got. The difference with Marvel is that they had struggled for so many years to elevate their characters to the big screen while DC always had Warner Brothers. Marvel had a one track mind and their ultimate goal is to make their movies as they intend it to be. Their only problem is money. But everybody loves the underdog.

In the end, it will boil down to what you and your family likes reading or watching together. I liked both DC and Marvel. Right now, I'm more into Marvel because me and my son likes it. Who knows, maybe we'll like DC more in the future.

Note: The above article is just my opinion and doesn't necessarily reflect the opinion of my son.

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