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Orange is the New Black fans may have missed Alex Vause (played by Laura Prepon) in season 2 of the series, but can rest assured that Piper's on-again-off-again love interest will be back behind bars for season 3.

Prepon is expected to star in every episode of season 3 after being arrested in the season 2 finale for threatening her probation officer when they tried to thwart her attempt to skip town.

Along with Alex, other characters are heading to Litchfield for season 3, which is due to be released on June 12th. Some exciting new names (and well-known ones) have signed on to join the hit series, but what does that mean for Piper, Daya and all our OITNB favorites?

Ruby Rose to Play "Lust Object" for Piper and Alex

Aussie TV presenter Ruby Rose joins OITNB cast
Aussie TV presenter Ruby Rose joins OITNB cast

Australian model, MTV presenter and DJ Ruby Rose has been case as Stella Carlin, a new inmate that will heats things up at Litchfield.

Although Rose is well-known in her native land due to her TV presence and willingness to be outspoken in areas ranging from LGBTI rights to Indigenous rights (her grandfather was Indigenous Australian boxing legend Lionel Rose), her foray into acting in the 2013 film 'Around The Block', co-starring Christina Ricci, failed to attract the attention the US-based media personality may have hoped for.

Rose's role in Orange is the New Black was confirmed on the show's Twitter page in January of this year, but she has been dropping hints about her involvement in the show since the middle of 2014.

According to various reports, Ruby Rose's Stella is going to be a "lust object" for Piper and Alex and may come between the pair after their long-awaited reunion.

Rose can be seen in her prison garb for the first time in this music video released by Netflix last week. While only seen for a brief snippet, her prominent position at the beginning of the clip suggests she could be a crucial part of season 3 and an exciting addition to the series.

It remains to be seen how Ruby Rose will cope if expected to do a convincing American accent. While Yael Stone, who plays the gorgeous Marello in OITNB, was raised in Sydney and does an incredible Boston/NY accent, many Aussies have failed in the past (exhibit A is below: Aussie hunk Sam Worthington)! Let's just hope Rose can pull it off!

Lolly is Heading to Litchfield

It got awkward for Lolly when Piper did her cryface
It got awkward for Lolly when Piper did her cryface

While we have met Lolly briefly before, the likeable prisoner from episode one of season two ('Thirsty Bird'), Lori Petty's role was unfortunately only brief. Lolly was kind to Piper, they befriended one another and then Piper betrayed her. Of course, since she does that to everyone.

Many viewers may have hoped to see more of Lolly, and will have their wish when Lori Petty returns as a season regular for season 3!

It is unclear how she will end up in Litchfield, but she is also featured in the music video that was released and has been confirmed as a fresh face for the upcoming season.

Petty is best known for her role in A League of Their Own, alongside Madonna, and for her role as the title character in the cult-hit film Tank Girl.

It seems plausible that Lolly and Yoga Jones could become a solid pair and could become the voices of reason in the prison, but who knows? Lolly could get up to mischief with Nicky and Big Boo. We'll have to wait and see!

Fringe Star to Join Orange Is the New Black

Blair Brown from Fringe to join OITNB
Blair Brown from Fringe to join OITNB

Blair Brown has also been announced as a cast member for season 3 of Orange Is The New Black. The star of [Fringe](series:201468) has been confirmed as a guest star for the season, but no news yet as to what sort of role she will play.

Brown is just as fierce of a redhead as our beloved 'Red', so let's hope their are some sparks!

Mary Steenburgen to Play Pornstache's Mom

Pornstache's Mom will be played by Mary Steenburgen
Pornstache's Mom will be played by Mary Steenburgen

Although Pornstache (Pablo Schreiber) won't be back for season 3, his mother will be making an appearance at Litchfield Penitentiary.

Mary Steenburgen, who has previously brought the funny in Step Brothers and [Togetherness](series:947930) , has been confirmed as a guest star for season 3 and reports suggest she could play Officer Mendez's mother, looking to claim custody of Daya's baby while her son (the fake father) serves time in prison.

What are you most looking forward to in season 3 of [Orange Is the New Black](series:761587) ? Do you think the new stars will make the show even better? Or will you miss Vee and Pornstache too much?


Who is the most exciting new star of OITNB?


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