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Good morning gorgeous people, the world is a bright place today; (and by world I mean the comic book movie world). Regardless about the feelings you might possess about a particular franchise, I believe that each comic book lover has at least one movie adaptation that they cannot help but smile upon.

For many of us this was shockingly, but beautifully: [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073). Director James Gunn delivered an epic masterpiece of a film which dwelled on the adventures of an unlikely band of intergalactic misfits joining forces to put an end to the innate and utter peril that existed in the very being of Ronan the Accuser.

(I mean honestly, who could forget this?!)
(I mean honestly, who could forget this?!)

Many will agree that almost every detail of this film was beyond perfection. From the retro soundtrack, to the utter hilarity of the script, to the stunning works of cinematography, all the way back to the exquisite character and team development the audience experiences along the way; Gunn delivered one of the best [Marvel](channel:932254) films to date and earned this outrageous team a slot amongst the ranks of Iron Man, Captain America and even the big bad Green-Machine himself.

(Just look at the awesomeness...)
(Just look at the awesomeness...)

It seems likely that these two teams will be joining forces and gracing our screens together once Thanos causes enough damage to affect both teams alike.

(I pray this happens.)
(I pray this happens.)

But before we can get to this point, I would like to divert our attention to previous events that have already occurred. Now, for a while it was highly speculated and even somewhat confirmed that Robert Downey Jr. would be making a post credits appearance in this movie; as his character, Iron Man, was a part of the Guardians' team for a while in the comics.

(Just look at that Deep Space Armor!)
(Just look at that Deep Space Armor!)

Fans rejoiced as a new dream of a world where the snide, sarcastic attitude of Tony Stark venturing out into the stars amongst the wittiness of Peter Quill rose to a level of extreme likeliness; but alas, that dream was shattered due to contract issues with the Iron Avenger himself.

(Too good for you.)
(Too good for you.)

I would like to introduce that world to you today.

(Because really...Who actually wanted this...)
(Because really...Who actually wanted this...)

Had things gone our way, (the fans' way), here is how I believe Iron Man should have been introduced to the Guardians:

Begin with a candid shot of the Guardians on Terra, (Earth). All of a sudden Star Lord gets a phone call from Nova Prime, the others look at him as the conversation ensues not sure of who it is Peter is conversing with. The conversation goes something like this:

Nova Prime: "Mr. Quill, by now I'm sure you are wondering why I have sent you back to your home."

Star Lord: "Well ma'am it wasn't exactly our first pick for a vacation, but we'll take what we can get."

Nova Prime: "That is because you are not on vacation Quill, I've sent you to Terra to deliver an expression of gratitude to our new investor for his generosity following our recent losses in lives as well as spacecrafts."

Star Lord: "Investor? Gratitude? Ma'am, I think we have more important things to do...remember Thanos? Mad Titan? Infinity Stones? Universe in Peril? All that jazz?"

Nova Prime: "I do indeed."

(All of a sudden AC/DC music begins to play, Iron Man flies in, lands in front of our Guardians and allows his faceplate to move back revealing a confused/stern expression on Tony Stark's face)

(Peter and the others look at him, then at each other, and back at him confused)

Star Lord: "Uh, Ma'am, by any chance is your investor from the land of Oz? Because this Tin Man in front of me looks about as happy to see us as he did the Wicked Witch of the West back in the 30's..."

(Cut to Iron Man)

Iron Man: (Looking and examining Groot) "What on God's green earth..."

Groot: "I am Groot"

Iron Man: *Eyes widen and mouth drops a bit* "Well doesn't that just answer all my questions..."

(Cut back to Star Lord)

Nova Prime: "Ah, he's already there. Wonderful. Be sure to express the Nova Corps' gratefulness on my behalf."

Star Lord: "But Ma'am..."

Nova Prime: "And Mr. Quill..."

Star Lord: "Yes?"

Nova Prime: "He is 100% a d*ck." (In reference to Star Lord's previous joke in the movie and knowing the character of Tony Stark)

*End Movie*

What do YOU think? Had things worked out with RDJ is this how it should have happened? Would you have done it differently? Let me know and Sound Off below!


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