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Although it might seem like Egypt has a monopoly on the whole mummification thing, China has just uncovered a new mummy which could potentially put to shame anything found in the Cairo Museum - and no, unfortunately I'm not talking about a reanimated Jet Li:

The perfectly preserved cadaver was uncovered by road workers in the Jiangsu Province of Eastern China. After digging up an odd stone structure beneath the ground, the workers put down their tools and contacted the local Tiazhou Museum.

It turns out they did the right thing, as museum experts soon uncovered the incredibly well-preserved body of a woman. Investigators are still not sure of the exact date of the mummy, but the silk linens and clothing she was buried in appear to match those of the Ming Dynasty - making the mummy around 700 years old. Although, there are much older mummies in the world, few have been preserved to the level of the Tiazhou woman. As well as facial features, the body's eyebrows, eyelashes and hair were still intact. Check out the images below:

However, researchers are not actually sure if the mummification of this woman was intentional. There is the possibility she was accidentally preserved by the environment in which she was buried. According to experts, the brown water in which she was discovered was the perfect temperature and amount to prevent the growth of bacteria essentially to decomposing a corpse.

This is just one of the many questions remaining about this mummy. Others include who she was, and what she died of. Despite the unexplained nature of the discovery, historians claim her dress and jewelry can provide an interesting insight to the fashion of the Ming Dynasty.

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