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At first glance, you might think that the following images of Elsa exposes the harsh reality that the Snow Queen has really let herself go. Indeed, she certainly appears much wider, with a receding hairline and a very impressive bushy beard.

Thankfully, however, these photographs are simply of burly men dressed up as the princesses!

The two fantastic ideas were posted on Reddit and show men (all unbeknown to each other) who playfully got involved with the youngest members of their families to fuel their Frozen obsessions, dressing up as princesses.

Ready to don a silly dress and wig, they clearly would do anything to see that ear-to-ear grin and I'm sure you'll agree that their dedication is enough to even warm the most Frozen of hearts.

Just take a look!

Bearded Dad of the Year

This father was snapped in full Elsa costume, taking his daughter, dressed as Olaf, to a singalong screening of Frozen.

This image appeared on Reddit with the caption:

"It seemed like a fun idea."

As the man got on a crowded subway in London, the frown on his face seemed to suggest that he might be regretting the decision to dress as a Disney princess before heading into the center of town.

However, the second photo seemed to quell all his fears as it showed the two posing happily outside the Cheshunt train station.

Just look at that little one smile!

A Redditer named Wabbeyen posted on the photo thread, giving us an insight into the mysterious identity of this bearded Elsa:

“Bit of background info as they are from my town, that is his daughter and they are going to a Frozen Sing Along in London. The dad is a really good tattoo artist and owns a tattoo parlor here.”

A third photo has since also emerged on Twitter with the two sporting beaming grins on a train platform, possibly post sing-a-long extravaganza.

I am so glad that at the end of it all, the frock did "not bother him anyway!"

Tattoo'd uncle wears a pretty princess frock

To my delight, this dad was not the only tattoo'd, bearded family member to be discovered appeasing a young Frozen fan.

Taking his niece to the movies, it appears that the little one was initially too embarrassed to wear her princess costume alone. Yet the enthusiastic uncle refused to "Let It Go" and decided to squeeze into a pretty frock himself so that the shy youngster was not self-conscious!

Admittedly, his blue and purple number looks quite bizarre matched with those flip-flops but the sentiment is really touching! He's even brought a sparkly pink purse along with him!

Here are 5 more dads that did not want to get left out in the cold and wore a Frozen costume:

1. Elsa and her five Elsa daughters


2. Halloween has never looked better


3. That tiny Elsa is ecstatic!


5. Anna with his Elsa daughter


I doubt my dad would ever dress up as a Frozen character, so a big high-five to these men who are prepared to look silly for a beautiful smile!

What do you think of all of this? Let me know in the comments below!


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