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Regardless of the scathing reviews and fanboys weeping into their pizza boxes at the outcome, the CGI’d up the half-shell take on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles still made enough green to warrant a sequel. Keen to keep the money rolling in, Paramount have announced that filming for the second instalment has been marked in the calendar, and will be kicking off as early as next month.

Currently, there are no plot details on what Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello (R.I.P) and Michelangelo will be getting up to the second time round, but the less shameless product placement and Gwen Stefani songs the better. What we do know (and what might put some folks at ease) is that the directing chair is going to be filled by David Green, who did a fairly bang up job with recent family flick, Earth to Echo, rather than Jonathan Liebesman who handled the first film. Poor lad.

A strong representation of Michael Bay lending his hand to the last film.

Naturally, the Emperor of Well-Timed Explosions, Michael Bay, is still on board as a producer, so I guess we can’t have everything. As for casting, there’s no confirmation but chances are that Megan Fox will be back as plucky reporter April O’Neil. Hurrah?

What’s the consensus though? Are you keen to see the shelled saviours of New York City back in action? Or is this a money-making train you wish was derailed sooner rather than later? Voice your thoughts in the tidy box below, if you please.

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