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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live like Tony Stark? Y'know, hanging around in Avengers Tower with a bunch of other Avengers, occasionally taking a ride in your kick-ass armored battle-suit, or challenging Captain America to a super-competitive game of touch football...

Now, sadly, for most of us - though perhaps not Robert Downey Jr. - the Iron Man armor and touch football elements of that are likely to remain little more than a dream, but as it turns out, the living in Avengers Tower part might not be quite as unattainable as we thought.

As Singapore's Absolook Interior Design has proven...

You Too Can Live with the Avengers

Or, at least, in a house absolutely filled to bursting with awesome Avengers-themed stuff - and pictures of everyone's favorite Marvel super-group...


A Giant 'A'

Because otherwise, you just wouldn't be in Avengers Tower...

A Hulk-Filled Kitchen

An Iron Man-Infused Bedroom

With, presumably, a .J.A.R.V.I.S-themed en suite bathroom...

And, presumably - because Clint always seems to get a bad deal in these sorts of things - a Hawkeye-themed main toilet.

The best part, though?

It'd Be in Your Very Own Avengers Tower

Now, technically, the apartment complex the home is set to be built in is called Skyville @ Dawson, but I'm pretty sure that if you asked all of your new (Singaporean) neighbors nicely enough (and fixed that giant A onto the roof somewhere), you could probably get it renamed.

Either that, or just take a few of the awesome design cues and create your very own awesome Avengers-themed home. Which, thinking about it, would probably be a whole lot easier than moving to Singapore...

What do you think, though? How would you make your own perfect geekery-filled house? Are there any out there we need to see? Alternatively, are you already on your way to Singapore?

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