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The saying goes that everyone had to start somewhere, and over the past week we've discovered that one of our favorite superhero teams, the Avengers, is no exception. From starring in ads for Clearasil, to auditions for Jumanji, the actors behind the Avengers sure have come a long way from humble beginnings. Well, today I personally think we've hit the jackpot after a blogger from How They Look Now noticed that our very own Captain America, Chris Evans, was once a model for the classic pre-teen game 'Mystery Date.'

Source: How They Look Now
Source: How They Look Now

Yep, he's even right there on the box, did you spot him?

Not only was Chris Evans a model for one of the best games a girl could own, but he even managed to snag the cover of the special electronic talking phone edition!

Source: How They Look Now
Source: How They Look Now

A then 18-year-old Chris Evans posed as the dreamy 'Tyler' whose favorite class was Study Hall and whose dream date is "a walk around the cliffs, then hang out by the bonfire with other friends." I can't help but wonder if Tyler and Cap share the same thoughts?

You gotta admit, while Tyler from 1999 was still a total babe, he's got nothing on our boy Steve Rogers:

Watch the whole amazing advert for 'Mystery Date' here:

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