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There's something about old pictures that is super creepy, yet really entertaining. I don't know if it's the lack of color, the fashions, or the "what were they thinking?!" factor, but I'm always fascinated.

This collection of pictures contains masks, scary clowns, and the Victorian equivalent to planking.


1. Elastic Man

An attraction at the circus, this guy had seriously stretchy skin! Gross!

2. The Ventriloquist

Here's a guy called Jules Vernon and his collection of very scary puppets!

3. The Isolator

Designed to help the wearer concentrate. Personally, I would just go into a quiet room rather than wear something that looks like I could lose my oxygen supply.

4. Freckle treatment

This poor girl is having a procedure that cures freckles?! There's nothing wrong with freckles!

5. Mannequins

Melted and broken mannequins from Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in London. I love how one of the heads on the ground is checking out that other mannequin's bum though. Too funny.

6. Clowns

I just can't even begin to figure out why people like clowns?! This. Is. Terrifying.

7. Mickey Gas Mask

The merchandisers at Disney never miss a chance to promote the brand, do they?! A Mickey gas mask. Wow.

8. Cafe in Paris

Cool hangout in Paris called Hell's Cafe. Scarily decorated, everyone seems to be happy to be there. Except the guy on the right, I think he might want to go home.

9. Bird Headress

Is it just me or do these women look like the bad guy in The Dark Crystal? I wonder how fashionable this really was...

10. Young Girl

She was born with an extra pelvis, which explains why she has two pairs of legs. She worked as a circus performer and sadly died due to complications with her condition.

11. Beauty Pageant

These women competed together, but didn't want their faces to influence the judges. So instead they wore very attractive sacks on their heads.

12. Lovely Eyes

These women kind of did the same thing as the ones above to see who could win a Best Eyes competition, so they covered up the rest of their faces with what looks like a set of masks from an Etsy owned by Hannibal Lecter.

13. Gas Mask Town

Although they are all wearing masks to protect themselves, a picture of a whole town of people with identical faces screams horror film to me.

14. Horsemanning

The Victorian version of planking, pictures like this were hugely popular. Taken using two people, one looks beheaded, the other is the head! Genius.

15. Happy Halloween!

I don't know what the roller skates are for, but I like them.

16. Disney again!

This is two guys fixing an animatronic. If you look quickly the skin looks real. THE SKIN LOOKS REAL.

17. Baby Gas Mask

Look at the baby all fast asleep in its gas mask. Luckily it's asleep, looking up at the nurse would be a scary sight!

18. The Straw Man

This woman made herself a boyfriend using the straw from her bed. He's not very attractive if I'm honest....

19. In mushrooms

I think someone was taking mushrooms coming up with the concept for this picture! What on earth is happening?! And who's the scary guy?!

20. The Garbage Bag

Isn't it wrong and really dangerous to put a bag over a child's head?! But this one has a huge smiley face on it, so it must be ok, right?

21. Creepy Halloween

Imagine walking down the street, minding your own business, and bumping into these two!

22. World's Scariest Clown

Does it get any scarier than this?!

23. Bus Ride

Even the bunny looks kinda scary.

24. Mickey and Minnie

Thank God they don't actually look like this anymore!

25. Electric Shock

A man getting electric shocks to his face for the study of facial muscles.

26. Happy Family

Ok, so they don't look happy. Though they do look kind of possessed.

27. She knows what's behind her!

The woman's face! I would have liked to see the picture after she turned around!

28. Bike Ride

Why would anyone want this!? Why did it happen!!!

29. The Clown and The Skeleton

So, the clown walks and the skeleton moves?! That is beyond weird!

30. Jack Skellington

The picture that inspired Tim Burton to create Nightmare Before Christmas. How are they balancing the head?! How can they see?!



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