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Have you ever wondered how to look like Deadpool? Not the horrifically scarred man beneath the mask, mind you - a look that's not all that sought after, conventionally - but the iconic be-mouthed merc in all his costumed glory?

After all, the anti-heroic Marvel legend has rapidly ascended to the greatest heights of fan popularity, and that has very much been reflected in his widespread appearance in 'Con cosplay around the globe. What, though, if you aren't inclined to sew your own costume, but still want all of the fun of an authentic, home-made Deadpool outfit?

Well, intrepid Youtuber Madeyewlook has a solution for you - and it may just double up as some of the coolest makeup you'll see this year:

Yup - that's right. In just under five minutes, Madeyewlook takes herself from a regular, everyday, ridiculously-talented makeup artist...

...through a complex, but totally copy-able process... pretty much full on become Deadpool...

Or, rather, I suppose, a distinctly kick-ass Lady Deadpool variant - but the principle remains the same: Being able to turn yourself into Deadpool in just an hour or two is awesome.

Nicely played, Madeyewlook. Nicely played...

What do you think, though? Are there any other superheroes you'd rather turn yourself into? Do you have any awesome cosplaying tips to share? Or, for that matter, awesome pictures from past 'Cons?

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