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Sometimes I play video games.
Rob Harris

Prepare yourself for a concentrated dose of 'Aww-some' cosplay. Wife of Reddit user AreYouJustKiddingMe recently posted these adorable pictures of his daughter sporting a homemade cosplay outfit put together by her incredibly tented mom, inspired by the fantasy video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Check it out:

This little Dovahkiin is ready for a battle of out-cute-manship, rocking this incredible tiny-tot outfit that would inspire a change of heart in even the most ferocious of dragons.

The fearless warrior stands guard, willing to defend Tamriel at all costs....until bedtime, that is.

It's great to see parents pass on their geek lineage down the family. More of this parental cosplay encouragement, please!

[Via: Reddit]


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