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Now, there aren't too many things in this world more awesome than a Marvel superhero - they're just too darned fantastic to be topped all that easily - but if Marvel Cinematic Universe has taught us anything, it's that it is possible. The only problem? You need more than one Marvel superhero to do it.

So, Captain America, with one major superhero? Awesome. Captain America: The Winter Soldier, with three/four? Even more so. The Thor movies, with...just Thor? Fantastic. Guardians of the Galaxy, with a whole team? Even better. The Avengers? get my point.

As, it seems, do some of the internet's most talented fan artists, who've taken it upon themselves to examine just how awesome it'd be if we were, in the near future, to see two of the most iconic Marvel heroes of all time team-up on screen.

Get ready for Spider-Man and the Hulk...Together at last!

Featuring my personal top five favorites, in no particular order:

1. Coran 'Kizer' Stone's Awesomely Cartoon-y Take

With bonus giant rock...

2. Shawzee's Venomous Version

With bonus symbiote...

3. Dmorson's Cinematic Envisioning

With bonus photo-realism...

4. Uberzers' Sweet Take on the Team-Up

With bonus Hulk feelings...

And, of course:

5. Christian Nauck's Magnificently Textured Take

With bonus Josh Brolin-like Hulk...

What do you reckon, though? Are there even greater fan-made Spidey-Hulk team-up pics out there? Or, for that matter, any other awesome superhero team-up pieces?

Source: Deviant Art


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