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WARNING: Possible spoilers for The Walking Dead TV and comic series ahead!

After this week's episode of [The Walking Dead](series:201193), left a lot of uncertainty for the future of Rick Grimes and the gang within Alexandria, I cannot wait until the huge 90-minute-long Season 5 finale next Sunday!

With tensions having reached breaking point in the form of an out-and-out street brawl, there's no telling what will go down in the season finale, though we've been given a little insight with two sneak peeks and a promo trailer from episode 16, "Conquer."

Take a look at the highlights from each video and then watch the whole thing below:

Episode 16, "Conquer" promo:

Rick wakes up covered in bandaids

It looks like Rick is waking up the day after the fight, but has his sanity returned or not?

The town is gathered for a meeting around a fire

Deanna announces to the town that they are there to talk about Rick Grimes. Is she going to set the record straight or is she going to propose that he be exiled from Alexandria?

Rick receives a cool reception from townsfolk

Does this show Rick on his way out of Alexandria, having been exiled, or are the townsfolk simply wary of him after the events of "Try"?

Glenn questions Rick

It looks like the two of them are alone when Glenn asks Rick straight up: "Did you want this?" to which Rick responds "No, I hit my limit." Then throughout the remainder of the promo we hear the following voice over:

They'll hunt it, they'll find us and they'll try to kill us, but we'll kill them. Then it's over.

Though it seems like Rick may be talking about the Alexandrians, it's not completely clear and I have a suspicion that he's actually talking about a completely different threat.

The gates open on Father Gabriel

It actually took me a moment to realize that this was Gabriel. I have no idea why he isn't wearing his clerical collar, perhaps he has truly thrown in the towel? I was also surprised that he was standing by the open gate, which seems to show that he's returning from some sort of jaunt outside, will he finally learn how to fight?

Daryl and Aaron continue their search

It looks as though the two have returned to the same place where they saw the light from a campfire in episode 15, "Try." Will they meet friends or foes?

Rick and Deanna share a tense moment

Is this before the town meeting or after? Either way this doesn't look too friendly.

Michonne is handed a gun

Perhaps after the events of episode 15, Rick has decided that Michonne is better suited to carry a gun than he is.

Aaron and Daryl look to be in some danger

These look very similar to the trucks that were outside the supply warehouse that Noah and Aidan died in. Have Aaron and Daryl returned to get supplies or because they have spotted another group headed inside?

Rick pulls out what looks to be a machete or hunting knife

We all know what it means when Rick Grimes unsheathes a knife: Shit is going DOWN!

Watch the whole trailer here:

Episode 16 sneak peek 1:

Deanna, Maggie and Reg are talking on the porch

Maggie has obviously requested to talk to Deanna about a meeting that the town will be having about Rick, Pete and the fight.

Maggie lays down some home truths

After Deanna tells Maggie that the town will discuss what happened and what the repercussions will be, Maggie tells her that sending Rick away would not be a good move, and that the frightened Alexandrians should not be the ones to decide who stays or goes.

Maggie defends Rick

Maggie gives a speech about the group having lost a lot, though that doesn't sit well with Deanna whose son has just died. Maggie's main defense is that although Rick pulled a gun on people, he didn't pull the trigger.

Reg quietly defends Rick and the group

Reg brings up the point that Michonne was the one to stop Rick - a member of his own group. Deanna seems to ponder this and finished the scene by saying "I'm gonna do what I have to do, Maggie."

Episode 16 sneak peek 2:

Pete sits in a darkened house when someone knocks

The house doesn't look like the home that he shares with Jessie and his boys, could Pete have been made to move out of the family home?

Pete answers the door to see Carol

It looks like domestic goddess Carol has been cooking again, though why would she, a woman who was formerly abused by her husband, choose to visit Pete alone?

But then Carol pulls out a surprise knife!

After telling Pete that he needs to check on Tara, Pete gets angry with her and tells her to leave, that's when Carol shows just how far she's come since being with Ed, and pulls out a knife and threatens to kill Pete if he doesn't do it. Hell yes, Carol! What a bad-ass.

Watch both of the sneak peeks below:

What do you think will happen in episode 16 "Conquer"?


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